Like Threes, but with a mouse
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Twenty is a game where you put tiles on other tiles in order to get higher numbers.
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Note, the game doesn't end when you earn a 20, but keeps going until you lose. The only real commemoration of your accomplishment is a little 20 in the corner of the window.
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oh no
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I think a casual mode, with a much slower or manually-triggered scroll, would be very relaxing.
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0h h1, did you mean to write '0h n0'?
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I just annoyed a coworker by exclaiming "Oh, come ON!" when I saw one of those multi-directional ligatures.
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I can't get past 16! Gah I want to win this forever.
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call me when there is a zen mode
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Also the appealing graphics and that uber-satisfying sound when you make a match is perfect for reinforcing addictive behavior.
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Zen-Mode (it's turn-based not time-based; still beta aka there might be bugs)
Auto-Mode (copy&paste it in your browser's console (hit F12 key) and the game will play itself in a fast pace)
Both lifted from this HN post.
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How does it decide when to add a horizontal lock?
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I keep getting a bug (?) where it starts adding lines in a discrete pattern, and then the same pattern off by one, forever:


This ends the game in a rather disappointing manner.
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Tips? Strategy...I'm only getting to 15.
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Is there an actual puzzle requiring pure thought here, or is it just a time-limited game of pattern matching? Ie: is this Threes? Or is it Tetris?

Until they introduced the connected tile pairs it seemed there could be no puzzle at all, just keep shuffling and clearing. The pairs have a way of locking the board down more so that managing space becomes more of a challenge, but it still seems if you can just move fast enough you can keep the board clear enough to do anything. But I only played it once.
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I hate you.

No. I love you.

No. I hate you.

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I managed to 17 on my first try. frimble you have ruined my work day.
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I got to 19! But by then the board was too full to maneuver. The locked-together blocks are a creative way to make it more challenging.
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Got to 20 .... finally!!

keep empty spaces in form of empty columns ... they help move tiles .. build towers try to get a lower valued tile above a higher valued tile ... if you can create an continuously ordered tower with lowest at top, its pretty fun to finally see the tower collapse in a cascading manner and release a lot of space in one move.
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I had just gotten over my 2048 addiction, dammit.
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I was doing just fine, then it started gluing tiles together so they were significantly harder to move. I think I got up to 12, on my first and only go, because I have stuff to do this evening damnit!
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I like the Zen mode much better than the regular one. It's not even the time factor. For me, the tiles dropping from the top make it easier for me to plan.

I've only made it to 17 so far but I have all day at work tomorrow to work on this.
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I had just gotten over my 2048 addiction, dammit.

I got over my 2048 addition the very minute I downloaded the "Twenty" app. I don't see a zen mode on the app, though.
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You can also combine numbers sideways, not just by dropping one on top of another.

It took until the third game for me to find that out, and it's quite handy, say, when you have a huge tower and you don't want to unstack it just to match a bottom tile.
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Finally! That took altogether too long to win.
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I'd love if the iOS version added a Swype-style mechanic where you can just drag your finger continuously from tile to tile.
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frimble, if you could pop around now to do the housework I have ignored since you posted this... I'd appreciate it.
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Sigh. Always 17. Anyone have a spare wrist brace?
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The trick is to cheat. If you pause the board is still visible which gives you time to think and plan.

The other trick is to just keep everything stacked up in two columns along the sides. Keep the middle open the whole time. Since only two blocks are touching the ground you get fewer blocks stuck together and the ones that do pop up pre-stuck will be accessible for smashing apart.
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 11:50 AM on May 27, 2015

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