‘I’ve bought a lot of pot, and now I’m selling some back’
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"Four wives, seven children, 350 albums and his own line in marijuana: Willie Nelson has never done anything by halves. Lifelong fan Zoë Heller boards the tour bus." (Recently)
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Willie Nelson is fully awesome.
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Nice article but the photo of him in profile holding his guitar is amazing.
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I saw Willie at Radio City last year. He was amazing. Alison Krauss and Union Station as an opener was a great bonus.
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I'm not a big country music fan, but I'm a big fan of certain country artists. Willie Nelson is one of them. I even saw him in concert once. I genuinely like the guy.
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Splunge, the deeper you dig, the more fun stuff you'll find, trust me.
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Woo! Willaaaaay!!
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I've seen him perform a couple of times in Amsterdam.

The first time, he stayed after the show to talk to everyone who wanted to talk to him; I loved him for how patiently he shook hands and admired the Dutch faux cowboy gear. I told him how much my late father had enjoyed his music and he was either genuinely moved or did such a good imitation it didn't matter.

The second time Snoop Dogg came out and sang some songs with him.

I love Willie Nelson. Thanks for this.
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The first track on the first album my old trio put out, back in '01, was entitled "Willie Nelson."
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Willie is a staple here in Texas. I have seen him multiple times at Floors Country Store in Helotes, which is an amazingly old school venue. It is the perfect setting for his music under the stars.
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