Pupsi Blue
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Mostly the stickers ended up covering my black-and-white hand-me-down television.
posted by not_on_display at 7:05 PM on May 17, 2015

I had completely forgotten about the Halloween sticker packs.
posted by ryanshepard at 7:09 PM on May 17, 2015

Somewhere, in a landfill, is a cardboard shoe box containing most of these cards along with the entire first years of the Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie cards.

I have yet to forgive my parents for this.
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Did anyone else call them "Wacky Packys?" Or was that just us?
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 7:18 PM on May 17, 2015 [5 favorites]

@JoeZydeco: I feel your pain.
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The kids at my suburban LA school called them Wacky Packs.
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Wacky packs.
The gum looks like it came from Buzz Aldrins' stash.
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posted by clavdivs at 7:30 PM on May 17, 2015

I love how weird and capitalist and hilarious this is.
posted by oceanjesse at 7:34 PM on May 17, 2015

FEMINIST SPAGHETTI. I wish this was a real product.
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Holy shit, blast from the past! I'd completely forgotten about these - thanks bringing them back to me.
posted by ashbury at 7:59 PM on May 17, 2015

ChurchHatesTucker: My friends and I called them Wacky Packs or Wacky Packys as well. Never even heard them called "packages."

Great post, n_o_d! Thanks for the memories.
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I have a bunch of these in the closet at my parents house. I was wondering the other day if they were worth anything.
posted by Rumple at 8:05 PM on May 17, 2015

These, along with Mad magazine and early Saturday Night Live, were my introduction to twisted parody and theeir influnce on my worldview and writing is incalculabe.

Or some shit.
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jon - that and National Lampoon for me.
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My introduction to the work of Art Spiegleman.
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The back of my bedroom door was covered in these. Well, the first couple of sets anyways.
posted by Windopaene at 9:11 PM on May 17, 2015

Ok, upon more research, more like a pack or two of 2nd, through about 5th...

Totally knew what the pic would be before I clicked a lot of those links.
posted by Windopaene at 9:22 PM on May 17, 2015

I have a bunch of these in the closet at my parents house. I was wondering the other day if they were worth anything.
posted by Rumple

According to this price guide the set you want to have in your closet is - Series 16 (30 stickers) Complete Set (w/ both Scoots) $925.00
posted by unliteral at 9:29 PM on May 17, 2015

I got in so much trouble for plastering these things over my very girly vanity set. I remember the Harm and Hammer one stayed on for *years*. Thanks for the memory!
posted by frumiousb at 9:41 PM on May 17, 2015

Oh! Chef Girl-ar-dee Feminist Spaghetti removed the meat balls.
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Every time I'm tempted to snark on Magic: The Gathering collectors, I remember how intensely we negotiated trades for these forty years ago.
posted by Halloween Jack at 10:04 PM on May 17, 2015

A hammy down B & W. Mine had Cherry Bomb (Holly) and a wacky of Schlitz plus one of those 'keep me alive-drive 55' stickers. 72' RCA with detachable sun sheild and FM. Extended rabbit ears and an early co-ax for Pong.
Last seen in 1982 at the make out couch in the woods somewhere in Midland Mich. It was during a chemical spill drill, the whole town is like Silver Shamrockville, birds disappear because of the intense sirens which sounded more like England's, like your on a wharf and can hear the sirens take turns through the city. Odd looking vans.
We jacked juice from a barn with 350' of extension cords that looked like survivors from a broken snake tank, all ad hoc and snug.
Jambox and my old tele.
Sure, the Motley Crüe kids were allowed with their
"Nothing matters but the new Whitesnake album".
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I still have a bunch of these, along with original star wars cards (and stickers, from episode 4!).

My mom wouldn't buy me candy, so she let me get these instead.

Hated sports as a kid (I've moved on to apathy), but my collection of nonsports cards was pretty awesome.

It would probably cost me more (than my time is 'worth') to sell my collection than it's worth, so I'll be holding onto these for another 30 years.

Good times!
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I remember. The gum - I can smell it and taste it now. It was wrong but still really good in its own way.
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If you're in my parent's guestroom, and look closely at the mirror, you can still see the adhesive marks where they tried to razor off a Badzooka sticker.

Wasn't there one for Lava soap? I could have sworn I had one, but I don't see it on the list! Maybe I'm confabulating a memory...I distinctly remember Magma and people caught on fire.

(also: I wanted so badly to be able to paint things like these. still do. how come school art classes were always, let's do a drippy mess of a watercolor of a tree, and never anything good?)
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I seem to remember the one for Lava--Larva, maybe? I remember seeing the Wacky Packages version before the real product.
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mittens - If you still get along well with your folks, mention Goo Gone for the mirror.

Otherwise - If you've long split that scene - they'll already have Goo-Goo Gone.
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I was worried this was going to be another "Berenstein" Bears situation, since I remembered it too, but no, "Lova"soap it was, with a volcano on the pack.

I first heard of these from a cereal box promo. I had a travel size soap dish filled with cards I'd made up myself. I was pretty excited when the new, real deal series came along in the 90s. Donkey Nose Pizza, ftw!
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Skimpy peanut butter always grossed me out. To the point that I don't have to look it up, memory is more than enough.
posted by Splunge at 7:33 AM on May 18, 2015

I was half way through the first line of the post and I thought "I bet this is a not_on_display post" and sure enough... I was right.
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I can remember being really confused by the numerous cards that parodied products I had never heard of. Hyde's Rox? Vile soap?
Also how much I loved the idea of "Wormy Packages"--that they would mock themselves was so hall-of-mirrors my young mind just spun out.
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This is fitting in nicely with the childhood nostalgiafest I've been on lately. Thank you.

And "Pupsi Blue"? That's fine work there.
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Oh wow, these.

Anyone else remember Garbage Pail Kids? My mother was disgusted at how much I loved those.
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 11:37 AM on May 18, 2015 [1 favorite]

Harry N Abrams publisher has put out collections of Wacky Packs and Garbage Pail Kids.
posted by brujita at 8:47 PM on May 18, 2015

That gum...could cut the gums and act as building materials, a billboard, and riot sheild.
posted by clavdivs at 9:03 PM on May 18, 2015

I have a framed uncut sheet of them, including Chef Girl-Ar-Dee!

Also still have my Star Wars cards, although I never could get all the pieces to complete the photo puzzles on the back.
posted by Sweetie Darling at 6:11 PM on May 20, 2015

Got heavily involved in the Wacky Pack trading scene in fifth and sixth grade in '76 and '77. Learned a lot about monopoly capitalism and got into Mad Magazine - in the end it made me who I am.

Footnote to the story: recovered the whole works a couple months ago and eBay'ed them off for a good price. Sometimes nostalgia is best left in the past.
posted by quartzcity at 6:42 PM on May 23, 2015

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