what's black and white all over?
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Daniel Rozin is an artist who makes, among other things, mechanical mirrors like pompom mirror and penguins mirror

His exhibit descent with modification is currently on display at bitforms gallery

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These are great!
posted by painquale at 11:41 PM on June 5, 2015

Oooooh yes! love it. With higher resolution it would be like live 3-D Chuck Close with texture and
clickity click sounds.
posted by quazichimp at 12:45 AM on June 6, 2015

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the pompom one is sort of tribble-like? I think it's the weird choral humming, which I'm assuming are the servomotors, rather than the silky hair.
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i saw the pompom one and thought it was lame but then i saw the penguin one

now i have nightmares
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That pompom mirror was incredibly creepy and disturbing. The penguins were pretty cute. I'm thinking there're two types of people...
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It's the eyes. The little eyes. The way they turn to follow you.
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OMP, (oh my penguin) this is the first art I'd actually want to buy in ages. Can you see this in your hall when tipsy guests come by!

But the gallery viewers, sigh. I remember (rather long ago) a SIGCHI conference where a random professor was showing his video processing, it took a video signal of a person, did edge detection an processing an projected the abstract image processed images live behind the "performer". I'd been taking some dance classes so had just a blast with big swooping movements and got some great swirling feedback psychedelic patterns going. Dance should be required in all schools, people just can not move to save their lives.
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I went to the opening of that show and didn't hear the tribbles humming like in that video, even when I was up close looking into its guts. I guess it was kinda noisy in there though.
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The pom-pom mirror is disturbing? Huh. I must be the second type of person.

It reminds me of a specific effect I've seen in arty, psychedelic animation and short film, but I can't find an example right now. There's definitely something lysergic about it, though. The staggered arrangement of pom-poms gives the silhouette a blurry, distorted edge, and it looks like the camera is only sampling once or twice per second—which, combined with the delay as the motors catch up to the last sample, gives the whole thing a tracer-like feel. Can you imagine a whole room with walls and ceilings covered like this?

I think it's great.
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Really cool.

I'd love to put motion tracking on the penguins and put them near the local bar at 2am.
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I'd love to play with those and video feedback.

Conceptually, they're similar to DLP mirror chips, and I'd love to see a macro one of those, too. I have a half-finished design somewhere for a mechanical seven-segment numerical display that I abandoned when the main idea (a radio that did as much as possible with mechanics rather than electronics) just got too complex for me.
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I find the pompom mirror disturbing, but I can't say why exactly. Maybe because my brain is momentarily confused about "alive or not-alive"? Was it here I saw an article about what makes things creepy is when our brain has trouble categorizing them as threat or not-threat? Kind of like that.
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I would love to see this mechanical mirror thing implemented in a room on four full panel walls and a floor and ceiling with black/white e-ink cells. Has anyone ever done a six panel mirror thing like that?

It's my dream to be inside of a full mirror room - mechanical or not.
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Perhaps it's because we're in the process of packing up to move, but all I could think of was - dust.

But full marks for concept and execution!
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Wow, wow. These are way cool, yay for art.
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