They’ll be your Emmylou
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In 2011 they made Patti Smith cry with their rendition of “Dancing Barefoot”, in 2012 they got a standing ovation from Paul Simon for their version of “America”. Yesterday sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, aka First Aid Kit (previously), was back at the Polar Music Prize ceremony, performing "Red Dirt Girl" by this year’s laureate Emmylou Harris.

They also got to perform their own song “Emmylou” at the banquet afterwards, to a visibly moved Harris.
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The kids are alright.
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Wow, beautiful. I'd imagine that it some serious courage to get up in front of Ms. Harris herself and play that.
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It's one of my favorite songs, and I can't imagine how intimidating it would feel to perform it in front of Harris. (For me, though, their voices are too young for the song, which is telling the story of a life, but that's just a personal reaction. Harris clearly liked it, which is what matters.)
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These women are seasoned performers at this point, and I'm pretty sure they are mingling backstage and at cocktail parties with their older, richer and more famous heroes.
They have acquired the sheen of overproduction that all young beautiful acts eventually run in to. For me there was a lot of distance between the performance of these lyrics, both because of the sheen and, hey, what Dip Flash said!
...still lovely of course - I just wish someone would get rid of the string section.
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Their cover of the Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song is tremendous. It's from 2008, they look about 14, it's recorded in the woods, and their singing straddles the line neatly between "harmonizing like angels" and "hollering hella loud in the woods." It's what sold me on them.
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Aw, Emmylou was on our short list for the first dance at our wedding. Love the song, love Emmylou Harris, loved the video. thanks!
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I enjoy their covers of other people's music. The lyrics to their own songs are a bit hit-and-miss for me though. Often the words seem to have been written as prose and then shoe-horned into the melody; sentences end up compressed or padded with unnecessary extra words to fit, which is something that makes listening to many of their songs a bit grating to my ear.

This should be taken as a minor quibble though. I like them a lot and look forward to seeing their music mature.
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Wow! I've never heard of these ladies. I'm going to look for more. Thank you!
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I think their voices are beautiful, but between the high number of cover songs they perform, the content of their songs (a lot of stuff about/that directly evokes their heroes and inspirations), and the meh quality of their originals, I kind of feel like they're professional fangirls who got a lucky break. If someone dropped them on a desert island without their witchy 1970s goth fashions and enviable record collection, who would they be?

I know I'm biased due to my abject hatred of the Saddle Creek scene -- I'd probably be more charitable if Robin Pecknold had taken them under his wing -- but for all the talent they have, their signal-to-noise ratio is pretty low.
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I love, love, love this music. Their clear, clean voices pour like celestial ether across the aggravations of any day and soothe just like the name, first aid kit, for the psyche. It helps of course that my daughter gave me this music. They have such an ethereal, eternal sweetness and clarity, like they are singing in your kitchen.

I am sorry for the gush, not really.
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From the stark nearly unsupported instrumentation of the first clip to the deeply orchestrated Harris cover... I don't know if they're making their own arrangement choices or what, but utterly brilliant performances. An army of cellos should always be employed in the service of good.
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Their version of "America"—one of my fave S&G tunes—did not do it for me, though I'd hoped for a great cover. Part of it might be that, in my humble, that is one of the most movingly sung of S&G's tunes, and neither of these singers hit that mark (though competing with Artie Garfunkel's angelic choirboy harmonies would be beyond most singers).

I'll give the others a try, but I got "pleasant and competent" from this performance rather than "transcendent."
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I'll be their Gram. . . .
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I just discovered them last week (I don't get out much) and I was absolutely spellbound by their rendition of "America" on one of the last Letterman shows. It's magic. I'm serious.
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That they can cover poetic songs that merely competent singers could never touch due to the poetic effect being so extremely hard to inhabit, is a huge achievement, and they do it well.
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Wow. My local library will have Stay Gold and The Lion's Roar waiting for me in a few days, and that Patti Smith cover was all it took. Really looking forward to hearing those records in a single sitting, drinking in those voices. Thanks very much for what I'm certain will be a great referral...
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I love them. The Lion's Roar is one of my favorite songs. I've got tickets to see them in August and I'm hella excited.
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I had shivers from that Red Dirt Girl cover. I had been a small fan after I heard Silver Lining on the radio a bit back but now I'm regretting not looking into their work more.

Here's some more of them live:
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