February 24, 2002
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During my day's aimless surfing I was feeling a mite wistful, and it did my heart a load of good to stumble on the internet home of Funny Face mugs. I also found the Mr. Men and Little Miss Club. Both of these bits of pop culture were objects of devotion to me as a tyke. Looking at the sweet simplicity of the products today, it amazes me how easy it was to invest plastic mugs and simple line drawings with meaning and personality. I wish there was a place for them in today's Kiddie Kulture which seems to be about filling in all the blanks before the kids get to use there imaginations.
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My brother's Goofy Grape mug is still on a shelf at my Mom's.
posted by bjgeiger at 5:30 PM on February 24, 2002

This would make my old friend Goofy (named for the Grape) very happy.
posted by rodii at 5:54 PM on February 24, 2002

Grins, Smiles, Giggles & Laughs and Burger Chef!!! oh, and wacky packies. but is it really fair to compare this type of thing to Harry Potter?

it's funny, i was doing some wistful aimless surfing today, but focusing more on those lonely early teen years. I almost posted a thread on G.orgeous L.adies O.f W.restling -- but thought twice even before seeing the 'boyzone' MeTa thread. thank for giving me the opportunity.
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DanO- my parents are very lucky that I never discovered that cereal back in my tykedom, otherwise I would have thrown supermarket tantrums of the first degree in order to procure them. I do remember a cookie called Giggles, that would would induce me to fits in the shopping cart, until mom bought them. Haven't seen 'em in years though.
BTW, th G.L.O.W. gals still perform regularly just up the road frome in Danbury, CT. The glitter may have faded but the magic is still there.
posted by jonmc at 9:01 PM on February 24, 2002

Gosh! I want those mugs. I still have my little men books.

On the "toys aren't as good today as they used to be" vein, when I was fourteen, I saw a huge sale on doll house furniture and things. I went and spent my entire weeks allowance on doll house couches, tables, trees for the doll house garden, and a classic coffe table set in Rokoko style. I then went home and wrapped and wrote on the note "for my future child" and dated it.

I still haven't opened them. I thought at the time I should do it cause my mums dollhouse was nicer than mine ever was, and I watched as gradually all wood was replaced with plastic, all detail replaced with factory one-piece. I went nostalgic before I even grew up.
posted by dabitch at 5:41 AM on February 25, 2002

don't miss this reminisce.
posted by pekar wood at 7:07 AM on February 25, 2002

I distinctly remember a Loudmouth Lime? Who the hell is this Loudmouth Punch? I also remember Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry. . .for a little political incorrectness with your fix of cyclamates.

But most of all...I remember fizzies!
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