Strangers When We Meet
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Strangers When We Meet There are no fewer than a dozen bloggeurs in Toronto, and four of us got together f2f on Saturday the 29th, experiencing a climate change from summer to autumn in the space of three hours. Always slightly alien to meet online friends in person, but it worked well. (Subject line is a Smithereens quote for which I can find no online lyrics – good copyright policing, that. "Please don't look my way when you see me on the street. We will still be strangers when we meet." Not anymore, bien entendu.)
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We had a nice dinner meeting here in Chicago, and some of us are trying again next Sunday. Maybe we should try a lunch, too.
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I can see that sometimes such an event, a f2f, could go horribly wrong, leading to stalkings and other terrorism, but far more often I think that these are a good idea. Making a connection to someone online is a great way to meet someone, but the connection is elusive and ephemeral compared to the solidity of a handshake and the sound of a voice in your head as you read their email.
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