Prince Charming in Germany, Hamlet in Denmark, & DJ Chancellor in Heaven
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Traumprinz, Prince of Denmark, and DJ Metatron are three pseudonyms used by the most prolific artist on the esteemed, niche record label Giegling, which specializes in vinyl-only releases of melancholic deep house, tech house, and dub techno. In addition to singles, Traumprinz has released a number of free mixes of mostly original compositions that epitomize the Giegling sound and are a perfect accompaniment to your day if you things downtempo, melodic, and chill-outable:

(Neither the Sender Geibel radio station nor Planet Uterus club exist. This Is Not… DJ Metatron was not recorded in 1994, despite what the liner notes say. If you want more Giegling, the Giegling4Life mixcloud page aggregates mixes by all of the label's artists.)
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I know so little about this particular genre of music. But maybe I'll use this as an excuse to explore a little more.
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I will add that I posted this because I only recently heard the This Is Not… DJ Metatron mix and had my mind a little blown. Then I discovered that (s)he had a bunch of other free mixes, and I was delighted! A wealth of delicious content, opened to me.
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Listening to the This is Not... DJ Metatron mix now and it is heavenly. Thanks! Awesome post.
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Nice to see this here! The Traumprinz remix of Efdemin's "Parallaxis" (included in the "This Is Not" mix) was one of my favorite things from last year. Also really nice is Traumprinz's "Believe".
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I go back and listen to that last track from the Traumprinz RA podcast once every month. So beautiful
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This is truly fantastic, heavenly is the right word...

As a 30-something ex-raver who loves electronic music with a much broader, but no less intense passion than back in the day, I am often amazed by how many phenomenally talented producers, passionate small labels and innovative genre-scenes there are out there these days. My ears are constantly spoiled by releases in fields I love or binges of diving into a new sound; nonetheless these mixes have just jumped straight to the top of my best-thing-I've-heard-in-ages list.

I'm very, very grateful to you for making me aware of this goodness!
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