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Pay for CNN International President sees subscription fees for online news services likely in the near future. If CNN, MSNBC or any of the major sites start this trend, the Drudge Report may be everyones destination!
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or metafilter even.
posted by brian at 11:37 AM on February 25, 2002

From the linked article:

Cramer said CNN has no plans to begin charging subscriptions for access to its Web site.

Don't panic yet.
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Another thread on this general question (though not of course about CNN in particular) is here.
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Who would Drudge link to, in that case? (not to mention MetaFilter or newslogs)
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Who would Drudge link to, in that case? (not to mention MetaFilter or newslogs)

Probably one of the many sites that publishes from the AP newswire. I doubt all of them would go to a subscription model, overnight or over a long period of time. is just a drop in the bucket.
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It reminds me of the recent switchover of many of the free greeting card sites. Virtually all the sites that had gained a name for themselves go to subscription service within days of each other. Of course, in their wake several new free sites have arisen leading me to suspect that in the end, pay sites will lose customers
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the news companies really are caught in a bind, since they lose money like crazy giving away free content and yet no one wants to start charging (since that really only works for the Wall Street Journal) because websters'll just dump them for the free site that's a couple clicks away. but they can't just keep bleeding red ink from these divisions forever.
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"My personal point of view is that we need to position ourselves in an integrated content way to burst out of the starting blocks at the appropriate time..."

"We need to hunker down and weather the storm but don't abandon the territory," he added.

Is he a runner? A sailor? A soldier? The amount of metaphor-churn suggests he hasn't really worked out the business model.
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cnn is medicore left-wing swill. Let them charge and become irrelevant.
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The Wall Street Journal's web operations lose money, too.
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news from israel

actually an excellent news source often much faster to the story than cnn - oh, and check those editorials...... some real questions about israels current leadership and policies.
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Or perhaps groups such as MetaFilter will get a single membership and share the username and password ;) I see that occasionally here for sites that require registration (NY Times, etc).

Nice flame bait, Paris ;)
posted by terrapin at 1:33 PM on February 25, 2002

insomnyuk - is just a drop in the bucket.

Maybe, but they're a pretty big drop. Don't you think that this will at least contribute to the likelihood of subscriptions becoming more viable? Personally, I see subscriptions as the future model. Maybe not next year, but within five.
posted by Sinner at 1:33 PM on February 25, 2002

What bait? I think CNN is even more to the left than Fox is to the right. MSNBC to about down the middle, which is not to say it provides more comprehensive coverage.
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Ok, why is there a September 11th 2001 reference in there! Read it!

It has no reason to bring it up, yet it causually tosses it out there!

I'm sure they could have edited it out of that man's quote.
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is it just me or is 2002 the switch-to-paying-model year?;; Media Unspun and now *maybe* CNN. I can't see it succeed without a free-access website and a members-only section.

posted by Baud at 2:54 PM on February 25, 2002

Oh yeah, we all know how well the subscription model works. Just ask Come on, everybody who has a Salon subscription raise your hand!

My point is that unless there is a compelling reason and benefit to purchasing this content, people won't spend the money. People are willing to pay sites like that actually make them/cause them to lose less money. People are not willing to pay for repackaged Reuters/AP stories.
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A good place to keep track of what's no longer free is at The End of Free website.
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