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Who need jetpacks and flying cars if you (might) have Giant Robot Battles?
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I need jetpacks and flying cars.

I want robot harmony.
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Re-adding my pitch for the Personal-Dirigible. Quiet (solar electric motor), safe (BASE jumper style auto open parachute), calm (small so if it explodes it's just well, pretty like fireworks).
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Unfortunately, neither Suidobashi nor MegaBots has offered any more details about when or where the duel might take place

Has to be downtown Tokyo, with all the standard running screaming pedestrians.
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Neo-Akron is about to E X P L O D E
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Related: The new Bluray of "Robot Jox" is getting released tomorrow.
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I guess I never really understood bipedal robots. You'd think that legs would be useful mainly for climbing over things but you mostly don't see them do that. They just kind of move like tanks, and we already have tanks.
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Neither of these robots walk. One uses belt treads, the other uses wheels.
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Not a "robot" without legs and arms. Perhaps a "Bolo" or automation of some other variety, but robots need to look like people.
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I want robot harmony.

I give you robot harmony. About fighting robots.

Yes I know the song is not really about robots but it's the only fighting robot song I know
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"Kurata's response to MegaBots' challenge also upped the stakes, with the Japanese designer asking if the duel can be fought as a physical melee rather than with the MegaBot Mark II's paintball guns."

So basically BattleBots on a much larger scale?
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"My reaction?" says Kurata in the video. "Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It's ... Super American."

Damn, shots fired
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I thought robots are supposed to be autonomous? These have people in them. Which admittedly makes it more fun if you're actually doing proper squish-the-puny-humans fighting with real guns and massive metal crushy rippy fire-blazing cook-the-tasty-meat weaponry, and I suppose less likely to go on a paranoid rampage across the city.

But while it's cool to see huge battlebots built and deployed in combat by plucky independent nerds, how much more fun if it were Apple's best shot versus Google-Samsung? MS vs Oracle?
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We live in the future. Can we just step back a second and recognize that, even though they're currently just trucks with guns on them, they're still giant freakin' robots? I really hope they broadcast this thing.
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Me, I'm just looking forward to the Robot Carnival. (Great anime anthology movie, better than Heavy Metal, as good as Fantasia, vastly under-recognized)
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I find BattleBots and Robot Wars to be very visceral and hugely entertaining (despite my gentle peaceful being otherwise), but the whole idea of remote control really strikes me as stupid in this day and age.
I don't care about the format- MMA, IBF, Chessboxing, Risk, Texas hold-em, whatever- I just want them to be doing it without human intervention, once the match starts.
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Not really robots, but vehicles, no?

Nonetheless, way cool, evil signal.
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> I thought robots are supposed to be autonomous?

You could call them waldos, but the genre of giant waldo space battles never really caught on in popular imagination.
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I thought robots are supposed to be autonomous?

Eh, "Giant Robots" as a genre has pretty often included piloted vehicles (Robotech, Evangelion, Gundam are all often referred to as a robots despite being piloted by humans).

That said, these look a little more like mechs (think Mechwarrior) than robots, at least thats the impression from the videos.
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I want dancing robots! [yes it's ADF season here in Durham]
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The Megabots one isn't meant to be on treads. That's just temporary before they get the legs built. That's the end goal.

Also, they have arms. The arms are just terminated in guns, rather than hands.

And yeah, this is more the anime-style mecha robot as opposed to an "I, Robot" robot but come on guys, GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS. (And robots have to look like humans? They have to be autonomous? omfg lies upon lies)

(Source: friends with one of the Megabots guys. You know how I'm always recommending that kids get involved in FIRST Robotics on here? Well, he's a fellow FIRST alum. If your kid doesn't thinking engineering is cool, show him or her this.) (Also, I'm a [much smaller scale] robotics engineer, and I have OPINIONS let me show you them)
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