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Deaf West Theatre in Los Angeles has announced it will bring its production of Spring Awakening to Broadway this fall. This will mark the first Deaf West production on the Great White Way for Deaf West since 2003's Big River.
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Deaf West is one of our finest companies, and this was a tremendous production indeed.
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I saw Big River on Broadway and it was great! Glad to see Deaf West coming back to NYC.
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I know little about Deaf West, and I guess the reason why those chose this musical is because it feels like the perfect musical for them to choose, but oh my god still.
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I have a friend who saw this production not realizing it was a (partially?) deaf production. They still thought it was a pretty good show, which I think is pretty high praise when you go into something with a level of cultural shock.
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I would have given anything to have seen their Big River. The tour never came to Chicago. So, so bummed.
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