Echinopsis Freak / Cactus Flower Freak
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Once he mastered supersharp composites, Krehel started testing out time-lapses.

The flowers usually bloom for about eight hours, so a large degree of movement is compressed into a few seconds. It’s important to know when the blooms will start, so Krehel becomes a de facto babysitter while waiting for the plants to form their buds.

Learn much more about numerous Echinopsis species and hybrids and how to care for them at Krehel's sister site

Via: National Geographic/PROOF: Picture Stories
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These are very cool. Thanks for posting.
posted by gingerbeer at 11:58 AM on July 12, 2015

Very good... there is something quite surreal about the juxtaposition of the almost alien cactus body and the delicate ka-boom of the flowers.

Once I'd worked out how to turn the music off (there didn't seem to be any audio controls in the embedded player; had to go to the Vimeo site version), it happened that Radio 3 was (still is at the time of typing) playing a concert of Part's Stabat Mater. Which makes a very different experience out of the video.
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Lovely - thanks for posting!
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The beauty and size of cactus flowers makes it all the more insane that Home Depot buys from nurseries that glue shitty little flowers onto them.
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In case anybody else was confused, turns out Echinopsis is not the same as Echinocactus or Echinocereus, the other two cactus genera named after hedgehogs and/or sea urchins. Great namespacing, cactus taxonomists.
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Here's a simple explanation of depth stacking using Photoshop: Stacking your photos to get extreme depth of field
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These were projected on a 30' x 40' screen at the Look3 festival last month and they looked like fireworks going off. Definitely the most unique projection of the evening.
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Man, cactus flowers: that is a hobby that requires some patience. Amazing.
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Joe in Australia, I can't imagine doing this myself, but thank you for the link— it's a nice reminder that things aren't quite as tedious as I'd imagined.
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