the thoughts of childhood summed up in four panels
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"What if people made up God for it to be easier to think about dying?"

We really don't know how religion started among humanity, because it predates history. Some believe that the earliest Man worshipped the sun and feared the moon, which may be where the earliest pagan and polytheistic religions come from.

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks once did a comedy routine where Brooks pretended to be the oldest man alive. It's called The 2000 Year Old Man and I recommend it but I can't find a link to the script itself online. You'd have to buy the audio on amazon or search for it on audiogalaxy.

Anyway. Reiner asks Brooks how religion started and Brooks explains that back in the old days they didn't have God. They had a guy named Phil. Phil was the biggest cave man in any of the caves. He beat up everybody else and he killed all these big mastodons single-handed and since nobody else could avoid getting beaten up by Phil, everybody started bowing before him and begging him not to kill them and so Phil became their god.

Then one day it started raining for the first time and they hadn't seen rain before because it was new. Everything was new back in those days. So everybody ran into the caves to hide from the wet stuff falling from the sky, but Phil didn't care. He was standing near a tree jumping up and down making fun of all the scaredy cats in the caves.

Then all the sudden a lightning bolt hit the tree and it hit Phil and Phil died. So they realized right then and there that there must be somebody bigger than Phil. That's when they came up with God.
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I was gonna say how funny and thoughtful the Wigu strips were, and how the image tag "look, here is this comic it is very funny" made me laugh, but that sort of thing seems to pale after the 2000-year-old man, so I'll just shut up.
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I think liesure town is far more profound.
I'm sure it has been the subject of many a thread but I thought I'd just remind you of course is the most profound commentary available these days. Like: "remember the time we were being gay in the back of the UPS truck and the door slid shut and we ended up in Vermont?" "Whatever". Really makes you think.
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Thoughts of childhood? Is it just me that still thinks that stuff most nights before I fall asleep.
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