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Sure, G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. was funny. And who doesn't love "The Pebble"? But with the latest installment in the Monster Factory series, pushing character creation in videogames farther than ever intended, have Justin and Griffin McElroy gone too far? Behold: Truck Shepard, human(?) Spectre, nightmare fuel.

A couple of non-Monster Factory highlights from the McElroys' Polygon collabos: Griffin wastes Justin's time in Catlateral Damage, Griffin discovers car mechanic Ponzi scheming.
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I had been meaning to watch these forever, and stumbled across the Fallout episode few days ago and I was in tears. Putting aside my genuine love for the brothers McElroy, I suspect they'd have the best Let's Play channel.
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As I didn't read past "G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D." before clicking, today I learned that I can recognize Justin McElroy's voice within microseconds.
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Darn, I thought you were talking about the card game Monster Factory.
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Crying and dying laughing. Holy jamoly.
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Can't breathe, laughing too hard.
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The McElroys can never go to far!
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Good god, I came very close to wetting myself watching the ME2 video last night. I should avoid Monster Factory with a full bladder.
I wasn't really a fan of these guys until I saw Monster Factory, but I've started keeping an eye out for their Polygon videos and listening to their podcast (My Brother, My Brother, And Me) too now.
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Videos are NSFW
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Have we, as an internet, reached Peak McElroy?

Nah, probably not.
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I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a youtube video, and this is no hyperbole. They're all amazing. I'm clearly going to have to check out their podcast.
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I consume pretty much every McElroy thing on the internet (except Trends Like These), and this is definitely up there. I love the polygon overviews with Griffin and Justin especially, the Catlateral damage one perhaps being the peak of that genre.
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In my opinion the best overview videos are the ones where Griffin is playing a difficult game live, and the discussion about the game is divided by Griffin cursing loudly at his mistakes, while Justin "helps". Titan Souls is a recent example of this (make it to 11:00 for the hard boss that gets frustrating, also Justin impersonates Dracula).
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Oh yeah, I forgot about Justin as Dracula... I think that debuted in the 1001 Spikes video.
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There's a playlist of all the Polygon videos with Justin & Griffin here.
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