"When you want 100 crore, just make a party video"
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Award-winning actor Irrfan Khan and noted comedy collective All India Bakchod presents Every Bollywood Party Song

Irrfan Khan can currently be seen making bank in Jurassic World, while AIB is probably best known for, among other sketches, Honest Indian Weddings (part 1 and part 2). And here's a specimen of the Bollywood Party Song: Chammak Challo. (Though Bollywood might be careful to think that the other Indian movie capitals aren't fast catching up in gaining both outside box-office and pop culture attention and money, as evidenced by the monster hit Baahubali.)
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to be honest, I should've chosen a better specimen song, but I went with this one for the Akon connection.
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That was hilarious and on point even only understanding half the lyrics and being about a trope I'm not familiar with. :D
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Honestly, any FPP that can get "crore" into the title honestly deserves a favorite.
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oh no! you should turn on the close caption option so you can understand ALL THE LYRICS. :D
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Jump just because

I am pretty sure this is from every video ever.
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Oh crap. This song is now stuck in my head, and it is so stupid.

Stupid party song.
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And here's the song they are making fun of. It was pretty big.
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kurumi, thank you! ever since satellite tv and high-speed internet arrived here, I've become completely out of touch with Bollywood movies (the formative experience of my generation - and probably the last generation of non-Indian Malaysians especially to go through this in this specific way - is suffering through the tv monopoly of my elders who'd tune into the Hindi movie slots).
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re: the original music video. If you even think of spurting a beverage in my face while I'm dancing, I will seriously do you harm. I mean, PARTY ALL NIGHT. PARTY AOHOH NIGHT
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It was pretty big.

Could we maybe... party until midnight or 1am instead?

Also pillow fights are a pain to clean up after, so could we skip that and the champagne spraying? Lastly, Boss, breaking light bulbs and glasses in crowded spaces is definitely not safe.

There was no jump, however, and I think some of the moves were borrowed from Psy. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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I adore the Gangnam Style references, with the horse dance and overblown confetti, it's a recognition that they're both part of this same party boat spoof train. Bad/good party music is transnational and global!!
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I just saw Shamitabh the other day, and while I thought it was all around so-so, there's a spectacular bit where the main characters are discussing how nobody will go and see a thoughtful, deep Bollywood movie with a disabled main character (which is exactly what Shamitabh is; the main character is mute), and how you wouldn't be able to put any songs in it (which Shamitabh didn't have; at least none of the classic show-stopper cast-of-thousand numbers you generally expect from Bollywood movies).

Immediately upon saying this, a giant, cast-of-thousands, classic Bollywood musical number about the main character's disability starts and lasts for all of forty-five seconds before cutting back to the scene as it was before.

This reminded me of that pretty hard.
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Also, some context for people who don't know from Bollywood actors: Irrfan Khan, the dude in the video (who you actually might recognize from Jurassic World), is one of the most well-respected actors working in India today. He's widely considered to be a highly skilled actor of the highest caliber, and he's been honored by the Indian government for his contributions to the arts. He's a little too young to be considered an elder statesman of Indian film (plus Amitabh Bachchan has that title pretty well on lock), but he's close. The fact that he of all people is the one in the video is, just, fantastic.
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Oh my god, that was amazing. And just so, so accurate. I was nearly in tears at the look on Irrfan Khan's face during the bikini pillow fight.
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There is a shout out towards the tail end of the video towards my favourite ever Bollywood Party Song (TM).

Absolutely nuts but a trope I deeply love despite it all.

Thanks for the link, I laughed till I cried. "All the ladies will get wet"...
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