Au Revoir, Mogadishu Vol. 1 — Songs From Before The War
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"This Mix (Soundcloud) of '70s and '80s Somali sound is a rich blend of traditional Somali folk music infused with Western funk, rock and reggae and a touch of Indian, Arabic and African flavors. There are hardly any proper releases of this soulful sound of guitar, synthesizer and drums. I spent some months finding, compiling and editing rips of TV and live recordings on old VHS tapes and radio broadcasts to cassette tapes and here is what I got. Enjoy! With love from Mogadishu."

Track list

01 Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir - Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
02 Waaberi - ? (edit)
03 Kooxda Halgan - badbaado guri hooyo
04 Qadiijo Qalanjo - Diriyam Oo Hoo Diriyam
05 Waaberi Hargeysa - Soo dhowoow
06 Wabari Xishood & Jaceyl - ? (edit)
07 Iftin - Wanaagaaga
08 Waaberi - ? (edit)
09 Qadiijo Qalanjo - Dhesessha
10 Dur-Dur Band - Ethiopian Girl
11 Iftin - Axdigii Waad Oofin Weyde

[This is actually Side B from a 90-minute mix from "ÇAYKH Recordings, Edition Wöhlert is a tape label, dedicated to bring the sound of Somalia to the people."

The whole mix is self-described as "Side A is good for that mellow creamy morning. Side B will get your ass wiggling!" and I haven't listened to Side A yet, but I felt I needed to post Side B ASAP for all your Friday ass wiggling needs]
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I am having a mellow creamy morning, so will start with side A.
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Awesome. Also previously on the blue
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[previously of the same topic I meant to say, not same link]
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Fans of early 90s dance might recognize Londonbeat's hit "I've Been Thinking About You" covered by Dur-Dur Band as "Ethiopian Girl"; the band was big in Somalia in the 80s and mostly disbanded in the early 90s when Somalia's "disentgrating political situation" caused the band to split the country in different directions. Four members of the group ended up in Ethiopia, where they put out a tape (all of it here), which included that song.
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That was delicious, the perfect music I didn't know I needed for a morning like this (first grey/rainy one in almost a month).

Also just thought I would point out Side A can be downloaded.
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love this stuff, your find brightened the day here.
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Nice mix but I was expecting some Maryam Mursal.. (on edit: it dates from further back than Mursal's career.. I missed that in my haste to get to the music..)
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