“His death certificate should say: Hurricane Katrina.”
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"Billy McDonald rose to political power in a little Mississippi beach town on the strength of his resilience and colorful personality. But when Hurricane Katrina hit Pass Christian, it took everything from him and his city."
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Huh. I worked as a temp in the PC town hall for most of the summer 2001. They offered me a job at the end of it, but I had other irons in the fire at the time. My interactions with the mayor were few and brief, as mostly I worked in the city clerk's office down the hall from him. We did crowd around the mayor's TV to watch the second tower fall on 9/11, though he wasn't there at the time. That was a good gig, I liked the people and the vibe of the place was as you'd expect a tiny Southern town hall to be. The town used to be a really picturesque place with some nice art/sculpture galleries. My parents weathered Katrina (and a few months afterward) at their friend's home in PC, which was a little bit inland and so mercifully was still standing after the storm. My first trip back to the area, about a month after landfall, I had to pass through an ANG checkpoint to get to where my parents were staying because the whole town was still mostly just so much matchsticks. I don't think at that time we could even get to where the townhall was or the streets just off the beach. I think I've been back in the intervening years, but it was totally unrecognizable from when I worked there.
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I imagine a lot of local politicians don't get into the business because they expect to face such a terrible challenge. It's just a shame that he didn't have the self awareness to leave gracefully and early when it became clear he wasn't up to the task. Making it into a protracted political struggle just made everything, his health included, worse.
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