The coming breed of couch potato jocks?
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The coming breed of couch potato jocks? "Discoveries made at the University of Dundee are helping in the development of drugs that fool your body into thinking that your are actively exercising even when you are not, and may help in the fight against the current increase in the incidence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes." It might seem that I'm just sitting in front of a computer screen all day, but in reality I'm training for the Olympics.
Story coverage from the BBC
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I had read this piece and wondered about those benefits claimed for exercise (real or not) that would not be had by this "artificial" exerecise. After all, this "esxercise" is merely tricking the body about fat. But what about the cardivascular benefits claimed for exercise? In my case, for example, when I was told I had high blood pressure (but not overly bad) exericsie and diet returned it to normal and I have never had to take drugs for my blood pressure.
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I've wondered about this kind of effect with regard to the medication I take for ADHD, which is essentially speed, and it raises my heart rate. Of course, it suppresses my appetite too, so it's hard to directly attribute weight loss to some kind of pseudo-cardio benefit.
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