May 2, 2000
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The new Clearly Canadian bottles are really pretty. The site is nice, too. But why does the URL on the bottle point to, which isn't nearly as cool?
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BevNet carried a mention of the new CC bottles a while back. Good site for news on that sort of thing; when I first ran across BevNet, I was amazed at the variety available in an industry dominated by a couple of big players.
posted by harmful at 7:17 PM on May 2, 2000

How very, very nice of you to point out that it is 'uncool' for a company founded in Canada to utilize a canadian domain like that.

Hello? Someone asked on this site recently why there was American bashing going on, and why people used the phrase "stupid americans"? This would be why.

There is more to the web than the english language, US dotcoms - ahhhh - I would rave more, but lets face it - Americans are stuck in the mindset that everything in the world has to be the way Americans do it in the US, or else it is just wrong.
posted by sperare at 7:49 PM on May 2, 2000

I think the new bottles are Milk of Magnesia ugly. The old bottle was iconic, and so ... blue, ya know?

And I think the Canadian URL is pretty cool.
posted by highindustrial at 7:54 PM on May 2, 2000

The .ca link has the advantage of not having a flash that says "loading... approx 2 min".

I'm all for nifty flash, but I'm sitting on a DSL. There is no way I'm waiting 2 minutes for a site intro. Um, unless it includes nudity or something.
posted by adamv at 8:16 PM on May 2, 2000

Careful, Josh... those knee-jerk reactions are going to break your jaw one of these days....

Clearly has a .ca domain *because they're in Canada*, as sperare noted above, slightly less tolerantly.

Now, don't get me started on .cc, the ISO domain for the Cocos and Keeling Islands... reportedly now being managed by Clear Channel Communications. I wouldn't mind this stuff so much if people would just stop saying "Register your name in *every* domain..." In fact, I think (as I know I've said somewhere else recently) that if they just made it agains the rules to have the same 2LD in more than one TLD (with possible exceptions for crossovers into .net for network companies [ and actually serve different purposes, as do and, for example]), the whole thing would be *much* easier to deal with.

It would, of course, require a declaratory judgement thant does *not* infringe, prima facie, on a trademark on 'X', from the US Supreme Court, but what the hey...
posted by baylink at 8:25 PM on May 2, 2000

Well, the bottles I like don't have any web sites listing on them. However, I did like the web pages that are sharing the .com and a foreign .whatever and Or maybe better yet some email service or the advertisements.
posted by brent at 8:58 PM on May 2, 2000

Yes, but they don't have the large bottles of Clearly Canadian in the new design :*( I had to put up with the old style ! Woe is me.
posted by FAB4GIRL at 10:23 PM on May 2, 2000

Uh, I wasn't referring to the domain. I was referring to the site on the domain. Re. Lax.

"" is actually a pretty cool domain for a company called Clearly Canadian, but it seems like a better domain for a drink called Clearly Canadian.

(Ugly american, and proud owner of
posted by endquote at 10:43 PM on May 2, 2000

Everybody's seen this Molson commercial, right?
posted by ericost at 11:32 PM on May 2, 2000

I really, really like that they've gone with In fact, as a web dino, I instinctively look for country-of-origin sites such as or Sod brand recognition, say it loud and proud.
posted by holgate at 2:30 AM on May 3, 2000

Little did you know that Clearly Canadian is responsible for Orbitz: the drink that combines the fizz of soda with the wiggle of Jell-O.
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plinth at 5:47 AM on May 3, 2000

That drink is disgusting! :( I got it cause it looked cool but unfortunately the feeling of having little wiggly balls in your mouth kinda makes me ill! *uh, that didn't sound too good* ;-)
posted by FAB4GIRL at 10:52 AM on May 3, 2000

Clearly Canadian rules. I've loved that stuff since before the pretty bottles.

It was also pretty clear to me that Josh was commenting on the SITE, not the URL. Maybe the *actual* problem, insert airquotes, is that the rest of the world is stuck in the mindset that Americans are stuck in the mindset that everything in the world has to be the way Americans do it in the US, or else it is just wrong. You look for xenophobia (or racism or sexism or ageism) around every corner and you're going to *find it*.

annoyed again, yesindeed.
posted by Sapphireblue at 10:59 AM on May 3, 2000

Yes, the site is hard on the eyes, with its 1995-era supercompressed graphics. The .com site is nice enough. Why such drastically different sites for different domains?
posted by wiremommy at 2:30 PM on May 3, 2000

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