How to master Ms. Pac-Man
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Here's David Manning's YouTube videos illustrating how to make use of ghost AI quirks on the fly while playing in Ms. Pac-Man: Ghost Behavior and On Grouping. It's excellent for building an intuitive sense of how to play the game which, because of random aspects, cannot be reliably beaten with patterns as with Pac-Man.

Some time back I linked to Jamey Pittman's excellent site The Pac-Man Dossier, an in-depth description of how Pac-Man's program, especially its ghost AI, works internally. While accurate and exhaustive, it's difficult information to make use of during a game, and unlike its predessor Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man randomizes some of the monster behavior slightly, making forming explicit patterns impossible, requiring the use of more complex techniques like AI prediction and monster grouping.
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Wait, are you telling me Noah Vanderhoff lied?
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Slightly off topic, but the recently released Pac Man 256 is a great free to play endless runner interpretation of Pac Man, although the ghost AI is probably the most lacking aspect, so maybe we'll see a Mrs. Pac Man version soon!
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Related: a week and a half ago, there was a post detailing some bugs in Ms. Pac Man and others from
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The Ghost AI in PACMAN256 isn't that bad, it's pretty easy to bluff them. It's the bugs in the game that are more annoying.
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It's the bugs in the game that are more annoying.

If you mean those garbled symbols and letters, they're intentional :-)
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No I mean like the tornado completely passing through ghosts with no effect.
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Pac-Man, glitches, tornadoes... this is all I can think about now.
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