"Netochka threatens lawsuits, she revokes software licenses, she cries Nazi!
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"Netochka threatens lawsuits, she revokes software licenses, she cries Nazi! So much as criticize her software publicly, and she might announce that you have been banned from using it. It doesn't necessarily sound like the most prudent business strategy. But Netochka's defenders see her whole online persona as her genius. The irritation and hand-wringing -- that's all part of the point. She speaks in her own cryptic lexicon and syntax and then stands back to see just how disruptive this can be to an online community."
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"Technical skills are less important than creative thinking," lectures Netochka in an e-mail. "The epoch of the generalist has arrived -- again. Any fool can program and most do. Software engineers are emotionally inept. In today's unstable + dynamic environment they do not stand a chance."

What a lovely way to end the article. Seriously though this is pretty weird, great link Dean, had never heard of her?
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those nutty graphic designers. i've never heard of netochka; is this really for real? does anyone use this software?
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Man. That's a lot of fuss about a band.
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"No soup for you!"
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Interesting last names these people have...
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Nato is a video controlling software that responds to midi messages via a parent app that it relies on, namely Max/
MSP. Max/MSP is a Macintosh only program, but is the most flexible programming environment for sound-based work. And yes, many, many people use nato. As for NN, I've been reading much crosstalk about her on the microsound mailing list the last few days, as a result of this article. It seems that most folks are tired of her antics, despite any novelty they might have had when new. I don't know, as I haven't had any communication with her before. And I don't speak hackerese...
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I used to be on a mailing list NN was on, until about six months ago. S/he/it was thought-provoking at first but then used to drive me mad; some of the others on the list would periodically speak out against her or defend her. In the end I dropped off the list in frustration - I have no trouble believing anything in the article. It all sounds annoyingly familiar.
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Anonymity is so easy on the internet I don't know why anyone would consider it worth being anonymous. It's kind of commonplace.
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give it up, clavdivs. everyone knows it's you.
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Netochka Nezhanovna: "Nameless Nobody" in Russian.

It's the title of a Dostoievsky novella.

If you're going to be disruptive, please bother doing so in an original way...
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