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SLYTP: two hundred and twenty three pre-1925 'music hall records' YT user Robert Godridge has made a long playlist of digital captures taken from 'some of the british music hall records in my collection, 78rpm gramophone records and cylinders.' This is one of a number of playlists centered on very old popular music recordings by various users. Most of the recordings are quite innocuous by today's standards, but it is far from uncommon to encounter double entendres, racism and stereotypes, and well, I'm not sure what to call this genre.
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What a great resource! I've put together several shows based on Music Hall material, and one of my favorite sources has been monologues.co.uk
I'll definitely be looking through this playlist for fodder for next time.
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You could call it music hall rag.

Also, thanks supermuch for posting this. It will provide many hours of enjoyment.
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See also the splendid collection of digitised cylinders here.
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The lyrics to With My Little Wigger Wagger In My Hand from The Underpants Monster link. There are a few extra verses and a different order but it is interesting to read some of the phrases.
Not the brand new cady like a pimple on my nut
I did a bit of Blondin understand?
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Fascinating! I had no idea that George Formby’s father (George Formby Snr. - listed incorrectly as George Fornby Snr on the relevant YouTube clips) had been a famous comedian & singer like his son.
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We digitised my great grandma's 78s after she passed away a few years back. She and her sister actually were an act back in the day and we had a number of them with one singing and the other accompanying on piano. We even managed to find some reviews in microfiche copies of newspapers from the early 1920s. I wish for the life of me I could remember the name of the act.
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What does SLYTP mean?
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Single link youtube playlist?
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[quietly sheds a tear for the passing of the Players' Theatre in London]
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Yes, very good archive, but does it have anything from the Monsters of Megaphone tour
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The title of this post was taken from a George Formby song, whom only today I find to be a banjolele superstar. Or perhaps the banjolele star is the son of the gent to whom I refer, as the music hall record is credited to GF Sr.
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