The Rhythm of Life
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Because, at 1:32 am, you need to feel a bit of the Rhythm of Life.
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What. And. I just.
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At first glance, it looks like a ploy concocted by Morgan Jones to get Rick away from some walkers in the motor pool.
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Love that this was posted! I have loved this sequence for ages. SDJr rocks like no man has before or since, especially in paisley nehru & leather. And was the cult 'daddy' thing not dead on? Especially for the 60s and 70s. Who knew musical theater could have predicted the Manson Family?

Huronbob is now Daddy.
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I spent many years going to summer music camp (that's a whole novel of comments in and of itself), but one of the songs we would do as part of mandatory Chorus was Rhythm Of Life.

The opening verse was not the same, but most of the rest of the song was, and it was inspirational to perform, and it remains a part of my life today because of those years.

This is a great post. Thank you!
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Thank you for that!
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What is that madness???? Fantastic piece, never seen it before.
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this is one of those things that I am suddenly emailing to everyone I know and the subject body is simply this link and the word GUYS
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Fosse was onto some next level shit, man.
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this is good, like a million pigeons waiting to get hooked on religion
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Yeah, I remember singing this as a teenager in the County Youth Choir. Genuinely fun to sing!
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wtf...saw this at 1:32...a.m.
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Oddly, this became famous in the UK thanks to a pretty great Guinness advert.
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I remember reading Fosse's obit and realizing just how much he had added to my life.
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I remember singing this in choir class back in seventh grade. 1982-ish. Never realized it was a real thing. Thanks for posting!
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Perfect thing to wake up to this am on a rainy start to Atlanta Pride. Got to go find my flashy rain boots. Happy Pride Y'all!! Thanks HB!!
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For those like me who had never heard of this before and want some context, here is the Wikipedia entry. It's a musical from 1966, later turned into a film in 1969 by Bob Fosse, originally based on a Fellini screenplay.

Watching the video without knowing any of that, though, I figured it was a contemporary video with costuming from the Summer of Love and (as noted above) zombie references. I was impressed that they had gone to the extent of giving the actors period undergarments as well, along with the fun costumes. I did not at all guess that it was more than 45 years old.
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I only knew this tune as the insanely catchy jingle for a pain advert in NZ growing up, so thank you, a thousand thank yous, for educating me thus.
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I'm not a musical kind of guy, but I loved that. Of Bob Fosse's films I've only seen All That Jazz, and I thought he had a exceptional visual style, and this confirms it even more. Ok, more Bob Fosse movies.
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I had never heard of this until HuronBob mentioned it in my Cy Coleman post two years ago, and it's been one of my favorite songs ever since.
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AlonzoMoselyFBI.. thanks, I was certain I had mentioned it in the past, but couldn't find the reference..... And, Dip Flash, thanks for the context... Honestly, I figured EVERYONE knew about this.. I was wrong.. :-\
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Yeah, I mean come on! South Park, guys! Second episode of the first season, Kathy Lee Gifford sings a few lines from 'If they could see me now'! Surely everyone looked up the lyrics, found the original song, and then another song from 'Sweet Charity', maybe got sidetracked a little, and then found this gem. I can't be the only one to find this song that way. I mean, come on, South Park!
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Damn it! I just got this out of my head after having it stuck there for weeks. Arrrgh!

This number has always been my favorite and impresses the hell out of me. The types of movements, the precision, the combinations with stuff happening in the foreground and also in the background.

I saw Shirley McLaine about 25 years ago performing numbers from her career. She talked about Fosse a lot and how many times they would rehearse the smallest movement until it was just right. And add that up to a whole number.
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Tagged "terrifying musical number" trigger warning.
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Thanks for posting this. I hadn't seen it since I last saw the movie X years ago and had forgotten the whole zombie/cult angle, mainly because my strongest memory was forged hearing it on the radio as a lad, when WNEW-AM would play it as a single of sorts. Back in that aureate age when the new B'way and film musical soundtracks provided content for mass media.

I only wish that Messrs. Fosse and Davis had each made more film musicals. Here's a number featuring the latter from Robin and the 7 Hoods that shows off his singing, dancing and impressions. Remember: Guns don't shoot up bars--multitalented entertainers wielding guns shoot up bars.
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Great song, no matter what time it is. And always good to see showtunes on Metafilter.
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For a production of this scale, that's some extremely bad fake facial hair.
(Not Sammy, though- that's real)
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Not included among the many versions in the previous thread is this eight-person high-school production, which is one of my favorites. What it lacks in technical perfection, it makes up for in verve.

Also, have a show-choir version in English and Welsh.
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Evidently I need to hire a secretary to keep track of my previous front page posts.
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I probably remembered that one only because I found it while considering making my own FPP on this song a couple years ago.

But it's been four years! Clearly we were due for a refresher.
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originally based on a Fellini screenplay.

Wat? Le notti di Cabiria??
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Bob Fosse for pistolero! More! Lots I profess of Bob.
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At 1:32 am, you should instead be dancing to the Rhythm of the Night
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I LOVED this.

(I was watching it and thinking it was pretty damn cool, who the hell made this, some elements of the choreography look so familiar -- and then I was enlightened.)
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Yeah, we also did a (shortened and heavily bowdlerized) version of this in middle school choir, and I guess being twelve years old is already so deeply weird that it was just one drop in a very large bucket at the time, but occasionally as an adult I thought back on it like OKAY BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT.
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What always struck me as extra weird about this scene in the film is that this is where the guy takes her on a date.

He takes her to a hippie cult. On a date.

"Hey hon, I got a great idea. Let's go out for Italian and then check out those hippies up at Spahn Ranch this Saturday. It's be a gas!"
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Hippie tour buses were a thing in San Francisco, where the squares rolled through the Haight like they were on safari, peering at the exotic animals on display. And it still is a thing, apparently. Several companies have bus tours where you can travel back in time to that mystic land. So I'm sure there were any number of squares taking it a step further to get up close & personal with the weirdos & the freaks. Some of them probably even ended up turning on, tuning in & dropping out themselves.
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In all my late night TV growing up I never encountered this movie. How I missed it I'll never know but thanks for giving me a second chance at this gem.
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I am so glad that I'm not the only person who ONLY knows this number from show choir.
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Yeah but the choir version had such different lyrics. I'm going to try these from memory:

I was walking down the street last Sunday
Feeling sorta low and kinda mean
Suddenly a voice said "Go forth, neighbor
Spread the picture on a wider screen"
And the voice said "Neighbor there's a million reasons
Why you should be glad in all four seasons
Hit the road neighbor leave your worry and strife
Spread the religion of the rhythm of life"

For the rhythm of life is a powerful beat
puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet
Rhythm on the inside rhythm on the street
and the rhythm of life is a powerful beat

grrrr. I can't recall the second verse. Ah well, that's pretty good after all these years.
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YES, that was the one we had too. I couldn't remember what they'd replaced "daddy" with, but "neighbor" sounds right.
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In all my late night TV growing up I never encountered this movie.

That's how I found it, randomly flipping channels in the middle of the night until I hit car lights being turned on in some kind of parking garage and then Sammy Davis Jr coming in to sing and dance, and I stared at the screen thinking this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. But I only watched up to Big Daddy's commandments and the meeting getting busted because then the station went to commercial and I started flipping again so I didn't watch the rest of the film (with more brilliant Fosse moments) until much, much later. Such good stuff, this.
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Sweet Charity is one of those movies that TCM runs every once in a while. Like What's Up Doc. I'd expect either of them to be played more, but they really aren't.
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Go and spread the gospel in Milwaukee
Take a walkie talkie to Rocky Ridge
All the way to Scranton then to Canton
Even tell it under the Manhattan Bridge

Damn, it's coming back to me in fits and starts.
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Several of the links here are to the bowdlerized version.

(I recommend the Ferndale High School version, in which the lyrics are the most distinct. Though the 4th Grade Choir version is adorable, and a close second.)
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The King's Singers offer an excellent acapella version of the song here.
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