Of course it's true, I read it in the paper / Saw it on the news.
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Mosaic of facts; how they tell you what to believe. a documentary showing how public opinion is manipulated. The ensuing comment gives multiple links including examples of the “prove-a-negative” trap and links to new war against information, journalism and journalists by the Pentagon and it's allies.

Offguardian is a collective of individuals who : -
Tired of being censored by our beloved, once-upon-a-time left-of-centre newspaper, in February 2015 we decided to create our own platform for airing our unacceptable opinions.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I agree we should be skeptical of how the media manipulates us, but this seems to be a propaganda piece about how Ukraine is bad and Russia is good, which is a very weird form for the concern over propaganda to take. -- LobsterMitten

A Russia Today documentary - Russia Today being a Russian state sponsored television network. Something to keep in mind when they tell us what to believe.
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Wow. It's as though the timecubers got together with the Russian SVR to make a website, dragging a few racists, Antisemites and random nutters into the mix.
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There are probably going to be many true statements about bad things done by Western governments (there's enough of them), along with lies and massive blank areas where there should be bad things done by Putin's government.

The only ways I can see to engage with this are either 1) with a very high degree of sophisticated reading and understanding all the caveats when accepting what they say, or 2) completely accepting everything they say, applying none of the skepticism they ask you to apply to other news sources.
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People that tell you their opinions are "dangerous" or "unacceptable" are usually right. They really are dangerous and unacceptable.
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So glad the first four commentators all watched an hour long documentary in under 25 minutes. Impressive.
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Adam, have you thought about getting your own blog?
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