The mention of Benedict Arnold was inadvertent.
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The mention of Benedict Arnold was inadvertent. Just caught a fun piece on NPR about 'Kill Duck Before Serving', a collection of notable corrections printed in The New York Times. Miscaptioned photos, famously bad journalist math (how many bras?), and transcription gaffes ('veteran,' not 'Bedouin'). Great stuff, whether you love or hate the 'paper of record.' One gem: "A caption in Business Day with an article about the National Bank of Kuwait mistranslated the Arabic script of the bank symbol. It says, 'National Bank of Kuwait' [not 'There is no god but Allah']." The Times regrets the error.
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D'oh! How did that not come up in a search for 'duck'? Mea culpa. I thought it was too good to be missed.
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An article about the collapse of the Long Island oyster harvest misstated the traditional rule about oyster-eating. In any month without an "r" in its name, oysters are to be avoided, not eaten.

O my brothers and only friends, I'm feeling all razrez-like, from my guttiwuts to my yarbles. I pony those shelly-wells are causing me to snuff it.

Appy Polly Loggies to Anthony Burgess fans.
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