Murphy Anderson Comic Book Artist R.I.P.
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Murphy Anderson, long time artist for DC Comics has died at age 89. Anderson began his career at Fiction House in 1944 and then drew the daily Buck Rogers newspaper strip for two years. He began his long career at DC comics around 1950, he drew covers and stories for their science fiction and superhero comics and enjoyed stints on drawing costumed heroes like The Spectre and Hawkman. He was greatly admired as half of the "Swanderson" team when he inked Curt Swan's pencils on Superman.

There a lot of tributes to his art and examples of his work being being posted all over, Mark Evanier summed up better than anyone:

He was an absolutely charming man, gifted not only with artistic talent but a deep, rich speaking voice and a penchant for groan-inducing puns. In the office or at a convention, he was always impeccably dressed in a suit and tie. At the conventions, which he loved doing, he was usually accompanied by his loving wife, Helen, and fans came to love her as much as they loved Murphy. And they loved Murphy a lot. We all did.
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I have some Anderson original art on my wall. About two years ago, I wrote him a short letter telling him how much I liked his art. I'm so glad I did that.
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The covers of the science fiction books are out there. I liked the guy riding the "invisible dinosaur".
It's not enough to have a ridable T-rex but to have an invisible one!
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Wait, does Supergirl really turn every ex-boyfriend to stone? Because that would be awesome.
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Those Strange Adventures covers in the science fiction link are amazing. Thanks, marxchivist, for the great tribute.
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