The Integrator.
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The Integrator. Mostly for math/science/engineering people, this is a web based free Mathematica integrator. It can do indefinite integration on every integrable function (over one variable). It is a blessing for students and a great web resource. Anyone seen anything as scientifically handy on the web recently?
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I came across this via a Google search for integral tables after trying to help a friend integrate a seemingly inoccuous function- namely (Sin [a*x])*(Tan[b*x]). Cut and paste this function on the integrator and see why I don't feel bad at failing to solve it...
posted by talos at 6:32 AM on March 12, 2002

Well, there's something I enjoy in particular. If one has been working on a combinatorial problem, or the like, and one is generating an integer sequence, the following is handy in trying to figure out what that sequence actually is:
On-Line Integer Sequence Encyclopedia

Likewise, if you've produced a nasty-looking real number, perhaps the Inverse Symbolic Calculator will give you a nicer-looking version. Well, perhaps, at least, a version that will give you an idea as to the closed expression which produced it.
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That's really neat. It's a shame that the web-based interface only outputs an image; it would be pretty useful to get a text string formatted with MathML or TeX. Especially now that Mozilla 0.9.9 supports MathML.
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Crap. The sorry thing is I used to know (supposedly) how to do these things. I couldn't do them now with a gun to my head. Anybody know of a free online Calculus course? Probably need remedial Algegra too.
I was correct. When am I ever going to need this stuff :)
posted by tayknight at 1:15 PM on March 12, 2002 (formerly Dave's Math Tables) is pretty useful.
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My (English major) head just exploded.
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I tried a simple polynomial and it responded nearly correctly. For heaven's sake, when you take the integral of *any* function you have to add a constant.
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