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Three young women, part of a literacy project called Get Lit, drop a powerful message on Queen Latifah's talk show. (TW: mentions of sexual assault, racism, assault)
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That gave me chills. Thanks for posting it.
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I'm still really surprised we are committing the abuse of our grading system on children. I'm not going to say their can't be a metric for measuring where a student is in a particular mastery of specific material, but wherever that is, should be fine. If you don't know all the parts of the body or ailments and remedies you might not be able to work as a doctor, but maybe you were busy doing other things. So what?

There is so much work that can be done by people who are not skilled in every single subject, we need to build people up by celebrating their strengths, offering them assistance to grow in their areas of difficulty AT THEIR OWN PACE and also realize that some kids are doing heroic and powerful things in their lives, they ARE succeeding--- and everyone is too busy calling them a failure to notice.
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Very strange thing that's going on over the last, what, 10 years? The number of freedom fighters in the war against oppression, rape, racism, and every other calamity has increased exponentially, while those horrors have not.

What's going on? Is it pretty much just the internet? I don't know, but this soaring sense of resistance against oppression is a caricature of actual struggle.
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Not for those of us who are actually oppressed along one or more axes.
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