The Worlds of Øyvind Thorsby
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Øyvind Thorsby, creator of multiple strangely charming webcomics (previously), has recently begun his fifth series, Trixie Slaughteraxe for President (link is to the first page). Thorsby's comics bear multiple trademarks: distinctively simplistic art, strange creatures with strange adaptations to their environments, creative applications for magical and technologically advanced objects and phenomena, and, of course, complicated farcical situations often involving desperate wacky schemes. A list of his comics (including the new hosting for his first three comics) is inside. Content warning: violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Hitmen for Destiny: A woman finds a magical sword and is embroiled in a secret world of monsters, magic, the increasingly flexible concept of destiny.

Lies, Sisters and Wives: In the real world, a man must hide the fact that he has a mistress; numerous lies and misunderstandings ensue.

The Accidental Space Spy: When an ordinary man is mistaken for a space spy, he must keep up the act to stay alive, and finds himself on a mission that takes him to many strange planets with strange inhabitants.

Transdimensional Brain Chip: Ulf has a chip installed in his brain that puts him in contact with alternate-universe versions of himself. Also, Ulf is an idiot. Well, he was. Now he is an increasing number of idiots.

Trixie Slaughteraxe for President: The fantastical nation of Diabolica, despite its monsters and adventurers-for-hire, is a democracy, but the Traditionalist Party keeps winning due to campaign funding from the rich. But Democratic Socialist candidate Trixie Slaughteraxe has a plan to raise funds - go hunting for treasure.

New projects are announced here, with an RSS feed.


A comic by Thorsby deliberately missing dialogue, which was added by someone else

Two text adventure games by Thorsby, Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies and Adventurer's Consumer Guide

A photocomic requested by Thorsby

A choose-your-own-adventure game set in the world of Unwinder's Tall Comics
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I just noticed this the other day too after the break after Transdimensional Brain Chip.
His comics have really great stories to tell in spite of the not so great art. Thanks for the post!
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Pronunciation guide for American English speakers (warning! vowels attack!)

"Øyvind Thorsby" = yerfintorsboo {This is actually true}

Literal meaning: "Except the stench of the rotting minke whale head that I and my only remaining shipmate are standing on is becoming overwhelming and we will be strong."

Nordics: any ten could take over the universe, if they could stop arguing about Finland.
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Hitmen was inspiring. Huge fan of oyvind's work from the beginning. Glad to see there is more being done!
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There aren't enough of the Trixie Slaughteraxe for President. I only want to learn of good webcomics when there's enough entries to binge-read them. Please be more careful about this in the future.
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Doesn't load on mobile - just shows a blank page :-(
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It loads fine on my phone. Maybe you need to put the tinfoil helmet on.
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Since first reading this FPP, I've gotten just a hair under 400 pages into Hitmen For Destiny. The execution is the definition of "needs work", but the ideas presented are so well-thought out... It's like if Terry Pratchett were given MS Paint instead of a typewriter.
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The art basically looks like the old User Friendly comics. That's not a compliment.
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