Winona Ryder Tape exonerates her?
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Winona Ryder Tape exonerates her? Apparently the tape shows nothing about Winona Ryder removing security tags, contrary to what police said about it. Also, her attourney makes a really cheesy Girl Interrupted joke.
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See this thread for original discussion...
posted by BlueTrain at 4:52 PM on March 12, 2002

Hehe, now that I'm here, see this thread for why trusting news stories immediately following arrests are not a good idea. See, we have defense lawyers for a reason.
posted by BlueTrain at 4:59 PM on March 12, 2002

I'm not proud of it, but I watched entertainment tonight (or some such) and they showed the tape. She did look pretty innocent.

Free Winona, indeed.

Where's my t-shirt?
posted by Sinner at 5:27 PM on March 12, 2002

Well, I likes me some Winona, that's for sure. So naturally I don't think she's ever done anything worse than make a few boring movies and yoko-ize a few mediocre rock bands... but still, she needs to fire that lawyer for bad joke-making, that's for sure.
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I haven't seen it, but the local news here suggested that, well, you can't see her slicing off security tags and other assorted associated-with-thieving activities, but she was still obviously making off with a giant bag of unpaid-for goodies. No?
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yeah, but "In addition, a clerk is seen bustling in and out of Ryder's dressing room, finally returning with a credit card receipt, the Times reported."

fuck the PD!
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I saw the tape...she was obviously stoned out of her mind as she shopped for over an hour and walked out the front door without paying. She will end up copping a plea to some lesser offense.
posted by Mack Twain at 11:33 PM on March 12, 2002

Sinner? Here's your T-Shirt. What the heck did Adam Ant do? I'm completely out of the loop.

"At one point in the tape, according to the Times, the price tag of a hat Ryder tries on is clearly visible when she enters a dressing room but no longer visible when she leaves the dressing room."

She could have absent-mindedly ripped that thing off because on hats they're annoying. She may have also been thinking five finger discount with some of the merchandise. It's plausible she was buying some of the stuff and purloined the rest thinking "free gift thank you for shopping with us." How can one prove that either way? Innocent mistake or purposeful shoplifting? It's a he said/she said thing. I'd hate to be the judge there.

"In addition, a clerk is seen bustling in and out of Ryder's dressing room, finally returning with a credit card receipt, the Times reported."

Okay now I'm confused. So was she stealing or not? yeah yeah this'll be decided in court and not the media, but the accusations just don't mesh with the videotape?

Stoned? Probably. I have difficulty believing anyone could be that thin and not be on something other than food. However, if she got a credit card receipt from a clerk, maybe she was paying for at least part of this stuff as she went along, rather than going up to a cash register like normal people do. Maybe she left thinking she'd paid for all of it, but the clerk didn't catch everything that she thought she had?

This is just warped. What's even more warped is that Ryder's THIRTY YEARS OLD? Geez! Do celebrities get older faster than normal people? I swear it feels like yesterday that she was eighteen! I still have the fantasy that someday I'll have the opportunity to be rejected by Winona Ryder, but at the rate time is moving I'll be lucky if it happens in an old folks' home. Time dizzily spins around me and I feel like I'm gonna boot!
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Winona Ryder *is* ageing faster than me. We were the same age at about ET time, now she has two years on me. For "*is*" it depends on what your definition of the word "*is*" is.

As for Adam Ant, he went a bit doo-lally flip which is apparantly a crime these days. He was sectioned. This is the polite way of saying he was thrown in a cell before he hurt himself, someone else or started a riot somewhere along the way.

He's free now though I'm sure. I can't find a link to it but I'm sure I saw him on the news recently being bundled into the back of a car leaving court or some other news worthy place.
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But please tell me...why do you CARE about what happens to Winona ? Are you relatives ?
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El Papacito, I still wanna get rejected by her someday, preferably at some film wrap party where I managed to get a bit part by some whim of fate. However, I can't ever get rejected by Winona Ryder if she lands her sorry ass in jail. Really, my concern for Ryder is a selfish thing. *smirk*
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Rik: I want to protect her.

Vivian: Is that what you call it?

(C) The Young Ones
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