There's a font for every broken heart on Broadway
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13 miles of typography on Broadway from A to Zabar's, New York City's showiest street shows off its signage (and yes, it includes an example of Broadway font)
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real talk, i've been having kind of a shitty day week month and this link cheered me up immensely. thanks. <3
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This is delightful. Thank you!
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I am delighted that two examples are within a few blocks of me. And neither is particularly showy: one a giant block of apartments, the other a parking garage. Nice work!
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Well this is very cool and well done.

Also learned something: Also significant is the shadowing, which Samarskaya says is traditionally on the left in sign-painting because "the left side of Latin capitals has more straight edges," making it faster and easier to shadow in. "It works very well in this instance as the building is on the east side of the street, matching where the sun would leave a shadow the larger part of the day," she says.
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I love this, thanks for the post!
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