Soundtrack to a really hype nap
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R3 Music Box is a YouTube channel that delivers peaceful music box versions of anime, movie, and video game themes, plus tons of J-pop, K-pop, and more.
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Ohh man. I remember when it was still Livejournal and IRC was the place to download and share foreign music, the locked communities on Livejournal always had so many comments for grabbing music box versions. It would regularly go into 20-40+ comments. Those were the days~
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Well ok this is putting me in an...unexpected headspace. Thanks?
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Music boxes! I've been really into them this week, and have been very much enjoying the wonderful Hannah Peel (music starts at about 1m20).
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Gonna fly now is absolutely beautiful.
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When you start doing pregnant, getting ready for baby shopping, every store has for sale CD collections of classic and neue-classique rock songs done as lullabies. Very similar to this.

Someone bought us the Beatles one.
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Oh, and here's Tainted Love.
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Well ok this is putting me in an...unexpected headspace. Thanks?

You're welcome!!

If you would like to return to a more predictable headspace via music that better lends itself to music box arrangements, try one of the following: and beware of anything in a minor key like the first Attack on Titan OP.
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This is exactly what I needed right now.

Thank you.
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Aaaand they have a Babymetal playlist which is sublime.
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needs some Xenogears, I mean, it's already music box style, but it'd be humorous if they did it too.
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Sankyo probably have the originals of these tunes, in hardware format. Their range of music is mind-boggling. One day I'd like to make a MIDI music box mechanism, but that would be hard.

Colleen's "The Golden Morning Breaks" is pretty much entirely played on a music box. Love it to bits.
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Bjork performing Cocoon live (on TV) with some of the custom music boxes she had made for Vespertine.
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We have some of these:

The Flaming Lips one is quite good. My daughter doesn't care for them too much, though!
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