DIY Phone/Tablet Accessories
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10 cellphone/tablet accessories you can DIY. 10. Car docks. 9. Styluses. 8. Rubber Cases 7. Touch Screen Gloves 6. Mini-Charging Tables 5. Headphones with Remote Controls 4. Portable USB Chargers 3. Screen Protectors 2. Portable Speakers 1. Stands and Docks.

for 1. Stands and Docks, the easiest and cheapest implementation is a plate holder! Costs a dollar off the shelf. Who knew. If you don't like the looks of that, there are a dozen more ideas to consider.

For 2. Portable Speakers, the best cheap option, believe it or not, is a paper cup.

For 4. Portable USB Chargers, there's a reference to a 9V charger - unfortunately the design can generate an uncomfortable amount of heat, so be wary. Use the AAA version instead.

For 7. Touch Screen gloves, sew conductive thread to your gloves.
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Arf! "Mini Charging *Cables*"
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And of course, DIY cellphone.
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DIY hands-free setup.
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And of course, DIY cameraphone.
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For 7. Touch Screen gloves, sew conductive thread to your gloves.

That wouldn't have occurred to me, but as it's getting cold and my Ingress addiction isn't lessening, I'm definitely doing this.
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What is conductive thread? I am going to a sewing store tomorrow. Chop chop.
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It's thread which conducts electricity, allowing your finger and a capacitive touchscreen, such as the one used in virtually every mobile device manufactured since the first iPhone, to complete a circuit, thus allowing you to interact with the screen even though you are wearing gloves. The article suggests making a small contact point on the outside of the glove to increase accuracy (though not too small, as some devices ignore very small contacts) but throwing it all over the interior of the finger to ensure a good connection with your finger.
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As much as Pinterest gets slagged off (often justly), there really are a million varieties of each of these to be found there.

(I also really like the one where you cut down a shampoo bottle to make a hanger that hangs your phone from its wall wart while charging.)
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I'm pretty sure if I attempted most of these, it would result in a conflagration of epic proportions.
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