Beware of the holidays
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If Christmas creep has got you down, try keeping it weird with holiday music posts from WFMU's Beware of the Blog:
A Trio of Weird and Obscure Christmas 45's (MP3's)

A Christmas Song-Poem Corny-Copia (MP3s)

Christmas With a Toddler - The Sound of Pure Joy, Circa 1953

Christmas In The Country (PSAs)

Merry Christmas from Brooklyn, Redux

Orion Samuelson's Christmas Single (MP3s)

MORE Christmas Disco! (MP3s)

Come Alive At Christmas with the Sacred Heart Singers of Ewen, Michigan (MP3s)

A Carla and Linda Christmas, 1958 (Exploring My Reel-to-Reel Catacombs, Volume 23) (MP3s)

365 Days #356 - Christmas Materials (mp3s) (featuring “Clarence the Geoduck”)

Happy Freakin' Holidays Playlist
Need a Christmas oddity listicle in your stocking?
Humbug Hit Parade: The 25 Weirdest, Darkest Christmas Songs: An unconventional holiday playlist, featuring disturbing and hostile sentiments from 'Merry Crassmas' to 'Fuck Christmas'

10 Weird Christmas Songs You Probably Won’t Hear On The Radio

The Quick 10: 10 Strange Christmas Songs

Five utterly weird Christmas songs

Radio Discussions forum circa 2011: Rare Christmas Songs and Christmas Music Oddities

Holiday music curiosities, previously on Metafilter:
More Weird New Christmas Music than you can shake a Christmas Tree at

Good restrooms, merry gentlemen!

"I'm not the only one who could be blackmailed for this album"

And a body, dead, wrapped in plastic

my baby left me, start'd me drinkin' on christmas day

Andy Cirzan presents Yowls & Yodels from the Yule Vortex

Santa's Sackfull of Obscure Christmas Music

We Gather Together to Hear Cheesy Music

Metatalk: time to start belling those rocks, in honour of Lentrohamsanin’s 2008 Jingle Rock Bell music post.

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A couple years back, DEVO released their own Christmas (well, Generic Winter Holiday) Song: Merry Something to You. (Which also features the final solo vocal line from the late Bob 2.)

Then there's Mark Mothersbaugh's solo Christmas album, Joyeux Mutato, a largely instrumental affair ranging from semi-traditional sounding stuff, to more avant-garde compositions, and to silly electro-pop genius.
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And just in case that's not enough, here's PlanetSlade's lovingly curated Spotify playlist of 62 Christmas songs you may not have heard before. I particularly recommend Mel Blanc's The Hat I Got For Christmas is too Beeg.
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Ah, tis the season for Whine and Missingtoe, when Hell Interface's "Soylent Night" gets played on repeat, and V/Vm's "Erald Hark Angel" gets dropped into Christmas party mixes towards the end of the evening, just to screw with people. Butcher Claus'"A Sprig Of Holly On The Electric Turbine" is generally reserved for only the baddest of children.
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Santastic seems to be late this year.
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Hmm, no DJ Riko yet either. Nearly all of the songs linked above have ended up on Merry Mixmas at some point.
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I used to DJ at the Ann Arbor student freeform station, WCBN, and when all the students left for Christmas break, there were huge gaps in the schedule that were usually filled by hours of holiday insanity courtesy of Ed Special and any of the other non-student permanent local stand-in guys, most of whom were amazing to learn from.

The WFMU Blog has also paid their respects to his handiwork in this blog post, but my main memories of his Christmas shows included the marathon looping tortured versions of the Chipmunk Christmas song, which was used several times and likely various incarnations over the years. Ed was kind enough to link to a 30 min. version of it on the WFMU Blog comments, but I'll add a google drive mirror to save Ed's bandwidth.
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Then of course there's the band Santa Hates You. Related only by name, really.
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included the marathon looping tortured versions of the Chipmunk Christmas song

For some reason my parents bought me a record player AND the Chipmunks' Christmas album as presents one year.

They soon regretted that decision. My eight-year-old self had no compunction about cranking that shit up when, oh, June rolled around. Why save that album for just one time of year?
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#8 on the 10 Weird Christmas Songs You Probably Won't Hear on the Radio:

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Has something changed? I used to hear that on the radio all the time. Thought it was hilarious.
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The most sincere sentiment is Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas.
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Merry Mixmas 2015 is up
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Santastic isn't coming this year :(
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Bob & Doug sing 12 Days of Christmas
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