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Donyatsu - an anime series wherein the ruins of human civilization are inhabited by . . . cute animals shaped like round baked goods. On a given one-and-a-half-minute episode, they might try to play with a giant robot or quote Terminator.

Donyatsu (donut + "nya," meaning meow) and his pastry buddies are the latest in a trend of animal donuts and have been sold as edible merch themselves, naturally. Other Donyatsu merch can be pretty cute and/or real weird (ads potentially mildly NSFW).

Donyatsu started out as a manga filled with dark humor that unfortunately is drawing to a close.
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donyatsu is great and i'm looking forward to seeing how the manga ends. thanks for the post!
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Cute this explains the backstory of my cellphone charm.
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Thank you for introducing me to this.
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/pokes hole in tofu_crouton
/puts frosting and sprinkles on tofu_crouton
/sticks fork in tofu_crouton's forehead

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