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meta-run-for-your-money? I have had a bizzare 15 minutes contemplating and ranting about this very thing (reading news twice at two different sites) at this mefi link. I better get to work. I'm hooked. A bloggolidator?
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I like the fact that they have summaries. Now if only they would make it searchable like Google News, or conversely if Google started doing summaries, that would rock.
posted by riffola at 9:45 AM on March 15, 2002

why don't we combine all the sites into one? would help avoid the pesky 'different conversation with different people on different site about the same subject'.


what is the problem with reading news twice?

assuming i haven't been beaten to it, i'm taking this thought to MeTa.
posted by o2b at 11:03 AM on March 15, 2002

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