E.mail Mugabe.
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E.mail Mugabe. Amnesty International, unsurprisingly, has grave concerns for the welfare of Mugabe's opponents, particularly as few international observers remain. It suggests you send a fax or an e.mail asking that he considers the human rights issue and provides an address and number. Very probably a meaningless gesture but hey, you never know.
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It's email. Funny I saw this ad on the front page at the same time I saw this post.

And yes, it is a meaningless gesture, Mugabe isn't going to read any of this. Our own representatives don't read their constituent's mail, they hire people to do it for them.
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och-aye whatever you say

(okay comes from scottish och, aye)
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Very probably a meaningless geasture, especially for Britons like me. The MDC are very clued into the internet, it shows what a great thing this can be for grass roots organisations.

My great aunt and her family live in Zimbabwe, they are staunch MDC members, just as they were anti Smith all those years ago. I fear for them.

Thanks for the link
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"Zimbabwean journalist Lewis Machipisa tells Index on Censorship why he thinks this week's disputed election result will only up the pressure on his country's beleagured independent media."
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