Soundtracks for false nostalgia
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Have you played Mega Man 11? Yoshi's Island 2? The SNES Earthbound sequel? No? Well, while you wait to get your hands on them, you can listen to the soundtracks online.

If you want to sample a couple of tracks to see if you're interested, how about WAR FIELD (DR. WILY STAGE 1), or Buttstomp Romp?

Bonus tangentially related soundtrack: Starfox 2, which was developed by Nintendo but never released. Like the other soundtracks here, the sounds are very familiar from the original Starfox, but with a wider variety of compositional styles beyond "orchestral rock." How about that funky Meteor track?
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Wow what a sock in the nostalgia appendix! Hearing just those first few bars from the Yoshi's Island 2 link brought me right back to my childhood and the long hours I spent trying to 💯 every level.

Great post!
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Art is almost always improved when the artist has to work around limitations.
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Starfox 2 is still probably my favorite Starfox game. (One of my fondest memories is playing Starfox 2 in English on an actual SNES, with a cartridge that looked like it had been stolen from the parallel reality where the game got released.) There were some things in it that were way ahead of its time and haven't ever really been seen again, like the realtime strategic map, where you could abort a planetary mission partway through to warp to Corneria and fend off a missile attack, and then return to the planet with the objectives you'd already completed still in place. Star Fox Command was a satisfying tribute to some of the things it brought to the table (distinct ships per character, strategic map, levels based on free-flight taking out of targets, delicious chunky polygons), and I am incredibly excited to see the walker transformation returning in the upcoming Wii U game. And Star Wolf's Theme from 2 is as good or better than the canonical one from Star Fox 64.
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