A few logic puzzles
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A few logic puzzles by Raymond Smullyan . Professor of mathmatics, logic, and philosophy, lifelong magician and concert caliber piano player. Even the titles of his books are fun. Anyone familiar with him?
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I know Smullyan's name from studying logic, and I think some of his proofs are commonly taught, particularly in recursion theory (basically, higher-order logic of a particular kind).

The puzzles are neat, in that they reveal some of the errors in deduction that people tend to make. None of them are hard, exactly -- but if you're not careful, they can be puzzling....
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Cool link -- I hadn't heard of Professor Smullyan before.

For people who like this sort of thing (I am one of them), a former professor of mine, Robert Martin, has written an interesting book that tries to relate problems such as these to areas of philosophy.
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Excellent timing (a lazy Sunday afternoon)!
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Nice link. I really needed to be reminded of how bad I am at math! ;)

Seriously, I liked the page. I suck at math, but I am not ignorant to how useful it is.
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Was Smullyan Dr. Matrix?
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If you like these puzzles you may like The Grey Labyrinth. The "official" puzzles are good, but some of the puzzles the user community comes up with on their message boards are amazing.
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I believe all those puzzles were lifted from Alice in Puzzleland; I am positive that at least three were.

Satan, Cantor, and Infinity: And Other Mind-Boggling Puzzles delves, as the title suggests, into some sophisticated mathematical concepts. I dug on it no end as a kid, although I didn't fully appreciate (or comprehend) much of the Cantor's contiuum problem info that he was laying out anecdotally.
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