Richard shared a photon with you!
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Let’s draw Feynman diagrams! (Part 1 of 20) You do not need to know any fancy-schmancy math or physics to do this! That’s right. I know a lot of people are intimidated by physics: don’t be! Today there will be no equations, just non-threatening squiggly lines. Even school children can learn how to draw Feynman diagrams (and, I hope, some cool science). Particle physics: fun for the whole family.
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Draw them on your van!
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See Feynman's QED book for a lot more on his diagrams.
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I've been thinking about my forearm for a gluon fusion tattoo..
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Such a good find!
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Lovely. Just lovely.
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Looks like t-shirts are available.
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The t-shirts are cool, but I haven't gotten a new tattoo in a while now...
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Fantastic. I'm going to have to read parts of this multiple times, but I finally have some idea of what's going on. The reverse arrows for positrons always threw me. (I always thought it was an electron leaving.)
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