A not so long time ago in a galaxy not so far away ...
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Mike Duncan of the Revolutions podcast reworked the Star Wars prequel trilogy by way of the American and French revolutions on Twitter today. Episode One: The Glorious Cause, Episode Two: The Coruscant Revolution, and Episode Three: The Clone Wars have been storified for your historical Star Wars mashup needs.
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That was really good! I'd watch it.

But with the proliferation of alternative prequel plots like this one, I'm realizing that virtually anything, anything, would have been superior to what George "white slaver" Lucas committed to the screen.
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HUH, merging Lafayette-a-like and Robespierre-ish into the same person WOULD tidy up the narrative a lot and give Anakin his Dark Side Embracing arc.
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Cash4Lead (or anyone else), have any links to good alternative prequel plotlines other than this one?

I like these, but they seem a bit too streamlined... Like they need more secondary characters/secondary plotlines and also definitely more aliens.
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When I awoke this morning I didn't expect to be reading a story about a cybernetic Robespierre, but there you are! Welcome to 2016!
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have any links to good alternative prequel plotlines other than this one?

See the What If the Prequels Were Good? series (as discussed on the Blue here and here).
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