Did Michael Jackson write the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?
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Interesting article, thanks!

It is worth noting that Michael Jackson maintained a good relationship with Sega long after this. Space Channel 5 has a cameo by him as "Space Michael," and he plays a larger role in its sequel.
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Also the subject of an episode of Pop Fiction. Couldn't find the episode on the Gametrailers site so linked to a copy on YouTube
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I'd be interested to know how awkward the recording sessions got during the allegations. Though it sounds like they didn't let that spoil their fun because let's face it, it sounds like it would have been SUUUPER fun to work on this with MJ. (And maybe Quincy? Did Quincy also work for Sega?)
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I am enjoying Conspiracy Theory Tuesday on the blue.
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I'd bet there's still a little bit of his actual voice in there, there are so many heavily compressed beat boxing noises and "woo"s dotted about. It's crazy that it's been so hard to get a straight answer. The idea that there might be high quality original versions of some of those tracks lost in the archives somewhere is maddening too.

I can't find a working current link, but there's a download for a bunch of samples in the game at the bottom of this archive.
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Related: The music from Sonic the Hedgehog 1's Scrap Brain Zone is SUCH a (double timed) ripoff of the Vangelis theme from Blade Runner's end credits! They included the same bum BUM bum BUM bum BUM bum timpani hits and everything!

I hope someone out there can uncover a grand secret Vangelis/Sega collaboration conspiracy (I'm too busy right now)
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