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Chlamydia seems to be on the rise. Working in a hospital lab I've seen an increase in tests for HPV, Herpes and Gonorrhea. It's enough to make one wonder if sex is worth the risk.
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It is. (dual-meaning)
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I don't know why more people aren't concerned with STDs. Personally I hold off sleeping with someone until we've both been tested. Yet I know of people all around me having one-nighters and sleeping with several different partners. Do they really trust condoms that much? Are they naive? Have emotional problems? It's amazing how easy it is to get laid. Do easy people have no self-respect? Or are they just more open and free? Or do they just not care?
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To quote Duckman:

"30 seconds of pleasure is not worth a life-time of medicated cream..."
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I heard from a kid whose mom is a nurse said that STDs, the clap specifically, run really rampant around area high schools. No one bothers to get checked, out of ignorance, or they think that everyone MUST be clean. It reminds of this PBS program. After an epedimic of syphilis someone had the intelligence to investigate. They found out that when you let teens do whatever they want, whenever they want... they do bad things. Basically the teens in this neighborhood were extremely spoiled (one had a small apartment like thing built detached from the main house) and the parents were out of town just enough for debauchery to take place. Some of the girls started mixing with some inner-city kids (the reasoning behind this, we are told, is because it's seen as a big "no-no" and the kids were rebelling). Interesting read if you have the time.
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As a nation, we have the highest syphilis rates in the industrialized world. GO TEAM USA!
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1)Never trust whitey.
2)God loves a working man.
3)If you get something, see a doctor and get rid of it.
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"Chlamydia is not a flower."
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"Ever seen a dog eat mayonaise?"
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"One old Bishop referred to bundling as 'the smartest thing the devil created since the snake in the garden.' ... Bundling has a wonderful appeal for young people. Partly because of natural desire and partly because of the idea itself. How else could a young man or woman be so close, under such intimate circumstances and still have the approval of their parents."
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A bulldog, DM
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Sheauga, I'm off to practive bundling with my wife now.
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