But where one empire crumbles, another rises
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Being previously uninitiated in the abiding folklore of Alan Partridge, I found his recent feature film to be an excellent prolegomenon.
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An Alan Partridge post, plus a first comment using the word "prolegomenon"? This is already my favorite thread of the day! Here's more on Alan Partridge from last year.
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All this does is make me morn for the Goodies 21C.
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B. Oddie? What's rude about a body?

I very nearly bought the Grauniad yesterday for this article and forgot to check online for it so the FPP is appreciated.

I shall spend the £2.70 I've saved on an off-brand energy drink, a pack of three small bonded sesame biscuitlets and a working weeks' worth of the i, the fun-size newspaper. Aha!
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Monkey Tennis!
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Does everyone else get the sense that everything here is a whimsical flight of fancy apart from the Bill Oddie stuff, which is quite, quite real?
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I only caught like 1/5 references and I still guffawed at all of them.
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I've read a rather critical review of Coogan's biography (too much Philomena not enough Partridge) but I will recommend Partridge's, especially the audio version... it provided splendid accompaniment to several long country walks I undertook!
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The I, Partridge audiobook is genuinely amazing. It weaves together his entire fictional history, and adds a lot of classic new Partridge to the mix. For some reason his conceit of only referring to Lynn throughout the entire book as "My assistant" killed me, especially as he takes this to the ridiculous extreme of recounting his barefoot Toblerone-addled drive to Dundee ending with him wailing "My assistant!.....My assistant!" with a mouth full of partially chewed chocolate. There is so, so much good stuff in there.
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There's an interesting parallel here between Partridge pretending he prefers radio while secretly wanting to be on TV, and Steve Coogan hating Rupert Murdoch but grudgingly doing a deal with Sky. I think the bit about Sky getting the rights might be Coogan's nod to that.
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Preview / trailer
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