March 26, 2002
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"In a park in Bali, they found a monkey, a pig-tailed macaque, kept in a cage so small it could not lie down properly, and with one leg chained to the bars.
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Both reminded me of a story on the BBC several nights ago. It was the one about about the 'Lion of Kabul' - the blind, one-eyed lion of Kabul Zoo that was wounded during one of their string of wars - and which finally succumbed to its wound and years of neglect. A surprisingly sad story.

The story had had mixed reviews in the TV press before it aired: acknowledging that the programme was a touch odd to be focussing on a tired and dying old lion (and a tired old zoo) rather than the people who were being bombed a few miles away.

Such is life. By the end of the programme, I was all for this guy - an American - who had rustled together funds and support to rebuild and re-equip the zoo. Until the buildings and enclosures get bombed again, it will act as a focus for - and an example of - potential 'regeneration' in that country - and can only help.

Poor things. Life is tough for everybody. Monkeys or lunatics?

posted by leafy at 6:59 AM on March 26, 2002

lunatic monkeys have it the worst. They don't know that the strightjacket is for their own good. They don't even know what one is.
Imagine having to eat with your feet all the time.
posted by dong_resin at 8:01 AM on March 26, 2002

Or choke on a pretzel.
posted by leafy at 8:02 AM on March 26, 2002

It is heartbreaking to see an animal treated in such a way because of the innocence of animals. These animals are being subjected to the cruelty of men, and treating them in this way is tantamount to keeping a child locked in the closet.

Those responsible should be locked up in the same way, with water held just beyond their reach. They should have no toilet facilities, so they must sit in their own feces, growing sick and insane.
posted by Kafkaesque at 9:13 AM on March 26, 2002

The idea of keeping animals under such appaling conditions makes me sick. Why not just have a museum full of taxidermy? I don't understand why some people want to have animals around them, but treat them so badly.
posted by Stuart_R at 10:21 AM on March 26, 2002

monkey chained to a bike for your entertainment. free willy.
posted by kliuless at 5:49 PM on March 26, 2002

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