The Scars Project
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Speaking as a former self-harmer, this is A #1 awesomesauce. Most of my scars have healed and faded, but there are some on my forearms which may never go away. I had never thought of getting more tattoos to gain a sense of closure and confidence, but now this is on my radar for doing so one day.
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There's a person in Toledo Ohio doing the same thing. These are beautiful examples of using personal talent to help others. May we all look at our strengths, and find creative ways to make positive change in the world.
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This is awesome.
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I have a sudden desire to go to Australia.
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Her work is gorgeous, and so is her heart.
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It's a great idea, and it's being adopted in many places. Here's a recent article about artist Auberon Wolf in the Globe and Mail out of Vancouver.

Tattoo artist turns trauma survivors’ scars into empowering masterpieces
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This is great. A lot of the ink on musician Frank Turner's body is to cover scars.
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What a kind and excellent thing to do.
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So, so dusty in here.
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