The Sunk Poultry Fallacy
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A Chicken story. One year ago, Shrill (aka Ezekiel Kweku, speaking on more serious matters previously on Metafilter) wanted to get some fried chicken from Popeyes...
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is pretty thin for an FPP even though I applaud him telling this story to start healing. -- LobsterMitten

But . . . I always expect disappointment when I break down and get fast food.
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I wasn't sure where I stood on the "is Mefi depressing" Meta until this post. So depressing.
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Okay, I'll say it... I don't get it. Went in for fried chicken, they were out of chicken, settled for chicken strips. What is remarkable about this that I am apparently missing? :\
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Don't feed the droll.
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I know I've told the story here before about how when I worked at Burger King as a teenager every now and then we'd run out of burger meat and every single goddamn customer would make the same stupid joke, "but I thought this was Burger King?" and it would be the worst day ever.

We also sometimes ran out of buns, and had to server burgers on those long buns we use for chicken sandwiches or vice-versa and sometimes customers would lose their shit because HOW DARE WE?

Also I have never eaten at Popeye's and not regretted it within 30 minutes. I've been known to live-tweet my regret coming on.
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