Mount Shasta Octave Spa
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As a lover of and very nerded-out on all things analog synthesizer this made me laugh my ass off harder than I have in a while.
posted by Annika Cicada at 11:10 AM on May 4, 2016 [5 favorites]

This is beautiful. As a resident of Mount Shasta, I can confirm there are at least as many octave spas as there are crystal shops.
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HOLY SHIT AMAZING Now I want to be Professor of MIDIology!
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But what about Han Jammer and Bliparo?
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I just saw this last night! Adult Swim has made randomly waking up at 4am such a blessing.
posted by prize bull octorok at 11:26 AM on May 4, 2016 [3 favorites]

Just wonderful. Thanks!

More synthesizer sketches:

Look Around You - Synthesizer Patel
Big Train - Keith Emerson
posted by Jon Mitchell at 11:31 AM on May 4, 2016 [5 favorites]

I call bogus. Rick Sleepman, John Mitchell-Vase and the team of Bart Karlos/Ralf Hooters should have a say in this.
posted by lmfsilva at 11:36 AM on May 4, 2016 [2 favorites]

I love how affectionate of a parody it is, and how many little details are surprisingly accurate. It's the opposite of a lazy gag.
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Yeah, except that the guy Panos is based on, Zanthus the Star Child, is a bit of a dick and never picks up the tab at meals.
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Obligatory MST3k sketch.
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PS If you want to get in on your own ridiculous classic modular patching, Moog just released what might be the best music app ever, for my tastes.
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I was sooo afraid the "note only women hear" thing was going to turn in to some bad transphobic joke, and then i was all like :') when it didn't.

Also, another great cartoon network synth battle moment.
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While I am a pretty big synth geek, and appreciate the heck out of this (especially near the end when I'm certain whoever was involved in Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack apps shoehorns some of their magic in there ;), I can't believe they went on for 12 minutes of this. Most impressive.
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I feel excessively pandered to. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

I knew it was going to be good from the moment Edgar Tangram opened the commentary, but that good? When Python met Moog
posted by Devonian at 3:10 PM on May 4, 2016 [1 favorite]

Wow. Fantastic. Also, wtf? The size of the audience that is old enough know the artists and understand the references can't be very large. So many details are just right. That was actually a serious production. Wish they had a "making-of" video. Surprisingly good writing too.

"And the losers will be banned from playing music for 100 years"

All in all, best new video on youtube for 2016.
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Moroder had a bit of a resurgence lately in the EDM world (thanks to Daft Punk, and he managed to throw that nod with a craptastic record), and Vangelis is always one of the largest names in terms of film scoring, while Wendy Carlos kind of disappeared after the early 80s, but her work in A Clockwork Orange and Tron is still notable.

But I think they made this for (and by) music nerds. AFAIK, Adult Swim kind of tries to reach every niche in existence.
posted by lmfsilva at 11:09 AM on May 12, 2016 [1 favorite]

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