a depressed apache webserver
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a depressed apache webserver reflects upon it's inability to find a "simple web-page" and seems to be a relatvie of Marvin the Robot {from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy}. worth a good laugh.
link via surfstation
posted by sixtwenty3dc (9 comments total)
You can view source and read the text faster if it doesn't print it out onto the screen fast enough for you. Even the 'typing' is depressing. Nice page. Belongs on a hall of fame somewhere.
posted by ZachsMind at 1:21 PM on March 31, 2002

Liked the link sixtwenty3dc. And Zach it will taken me a week to check out that link, because I read as slow as I type.
posted by bjgeiger at 1:45 PM on March 31, 2002

Interesting. I wonder which was first, and if there are others out there. Probably, but how would one go about finding them.
posted by Su at 1:51 PM on March 31, 2002

Possibly of interest: 11757 thread on the Best. 404. Ever.
posted by lhl at 2:36 PM on March 31, 2002

all this originality on the web makes me depressed.
posted by Dom at 2:36 PM on March 31, 2002

ha. i searched for double posts, but oh well. i still think it was deserves another 2 seconds of fame anyway, even if it's not original.
posted by sixtwenty3dc at 4:20 PM on March 31, 2002

Same creator for both 404s... (e-mail addresses at the bottom of the page are the same).
posted by Dark Messiah at 5:57 PM on March 31, 2002

I always liked this one.
posted by Settle at 7:54 PM on April 1, 2002

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