April 1, 2002
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In the space of about an hour tonight I found, without looking, two web pages that are about film typography: Mark Simonson's "Typecasting: The Use (and Misuse) of Period Typography in Movies" [indirectly via kottke.org] and Joe Clark's "Typecasting: Review of, and Commentary on, Film Typography," which was inspired by Mark Simonson's page [via the Me-Fi Projects Mailing List]. I love movies and I like typography, so it was cool to find pages that combined those interests, especially because I really like all of the movies mentioned on Mark Simonson's page.
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Fun sites! Many production designers don't realize that even if most of their audience are consciously oblivious to typography, getting it right gives a subliminal nudge toward authenticity. (I've had to mimic metal-setting spacing for 1940s forms in a TV movie myself...)
posted by zadcat at 8:36 AM on April 1, 2002

Very cool site. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watches tv and says, "How many shows are going to use Bank Gothic as their typeface?" Very popular font these days....
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Nit picking at its finest.
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